Like Water For Chocolate

  • Wedding

    Tita is stuck on the ranch, and the boy she loves (that also loves her back) is now engaged to her older sister Rosaura.
  • Period: to

    Like Water For Chocolate

  • Cook

    Tita has to cook for the wedding.
    Her emotions over flow into the food and makes everyone sad when they are eating it.
  • Nacha

    Tita is remorsing over Nacha's death.
    Feels as though her mother dies.
  • Gertrudis

    Gertrudis eats some of Tita's food and runs away.
    Tita feels completely lonely now.
  • Losing Love

    Tita begins to lose love and warmth after the death of Roberto, She begins to become cold to others and goes mute.
  • Matches

    John 'sparks' a fire in Tita with his matches. This makes Tita skeptical of her love for Pedro
  • Ox-Tail Soup

    Ox-Tail Soup
    Eating some soup made Tita return to normal.
    She goes back home to take care of her mother whom she hated.
  • Engaged

    Tita and Pedro gurantee their passionate love for each other by having sex.
    This makes Tita realize that Pedro is indeed her love.
  • Ghost

    Tita worried about being pregnant by Pedro is haunted by the 'ghost' of Mama Elena.
    She thinks that her pregnancy will ruin the family.
  • Pedro on Fire

    Pedro only wants Tita by his side after he catches fire
    Tita feels loved over her sister Rosaura
  • Wedding Off

    Tita calls her wedding off,
  • FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pedro dies.
    Tita lights herself on fire so that she can die with her love.