Light Bulb

Timeline created by 23kvanstaden
  • The oil lamp

    The oil lamp
    The first lamp was the oil lamp. Aimé Argand was the man who invented the oil lamp.
  • Gas light

    Gas light
    William Murdoch created and invented the gas light.
  • Arc lamp

    Arc lamp
    Humphry Davy was the inventor of the arc lamp.
  • Fluorescent light

    Fluorescent light
    Peter Cooper Hewitt made the fluorescent light
  • First light globe made ever

    First light globe made ever
    The first light globe was made by Thomas Alva Edison in the United States of America. This was an incandescent light globe.
  • The platinum/ bamboo filament

    Heinrich Göbel created the bamboo and platinum.
  • Neon filament

    Georges Claude Invented the neon filament.
  • The fluorescent lamp

    The fluorescent lamp
    Peter Cooper Hewitt was the inventor of the fluorescent lamp.
  • LED

    Nick Holonyak made the small LED lights.
  • Sulfur lamp

    Sulfur lamp
    Michael Ury invented the sulfur lamp.
  • Magnetic induction lamp

    Magnetic induction lamp
    John Anderson
  • LED Lamp

    Nick Holonyak made the LED as well as the LED lamps.