Lifetime Personal Help

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    20-29, I can implement a healthy lifestyle by eating protein, calcium, potassium, healthy omega-3 fats, and folic acid (for women during their reproductive years). I will make sure to focus on portion sizes and get in the habit of chewing my food slowly. It is important I exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes every day, to maintain a healthy body and weight.
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    Also, it is best for my body if I exercise to build bone, protect my skin and eyes from harsh sun rays, avoid indoor tanning, make sure I keep up with hygiene, find a health care provider or specialist that will help me when necessary, and get caught up with family medical history in order to prevent health issues. Lastly, I will make sure to get regular checkups in all aspects of my body in order to insure that I am healthy and well.
  • Implementing a Healthy Diet

    Implementing a Healthy Diet
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    30-39, I can implement a healthy lifestyle by eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein and low-or non fat dairy products. I should make sure to intake essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, such as iron, folic acid, calcium, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin D, fiber and healthy omega-3 fats. I should make sure to limit my intake of processed foods, fast foods, and sodium. It is important I find a fun type of exercise I enjoy and get the recommended amount daily.
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    Also, I can prevent health problems by avoiding tobacco products, protecting myself from the harsh sun, drink little to no alcohol, avoid illegal drugs and substances, use prescribed and over the counter medications only as directed, try to reduce stress, monitor my BMI to keep in healthy range, and follow my health cares provider's recommendations. Lastly, I should get regular checkups and ensure I am following the directions of my health care provider.
  • Exercise

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    Also, I can prevent health issues by ensuring that I take care of myself to avoid common health concerns such as chronic pain, stress, sexual and reproductive health decrease, osteoporosis, and many others. Lastly it is important that I go to regular checkups with my health care provider and do things like cholesterol screenings, diabetes screenings, and comprehensive eye exam to make sure that my body is healthy.
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    40-49, I can implement a healthy lifestyle by eating what I should have been eating in the past decades and making sure that my diet is healthy and consistent. I should maintain my habit of every day exercise for the recommended amount and ensure that I keep up with a healthy body and life style.
  • Regular Doctor Check-Ups

    Regular Doctor Check-Ups
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    Also, I can prevent health problems by avoiding tobacco products, getting enough rest/sleep, reducing stress, and drinking alcohol only in moderation, if at all. I should watch out for common health concerns like hair loss, chronic pain, hearing loos, and menopause. Lastly, like always, I make sure to get regular checkups and talk to my health care provider on how to stay healthy.
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    50-59, I can implement a healthy lifestyle by cutting back on unhealthy food like sodium and unhealthy fats. Eat healthier things like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fiber, vitamins and minerals each day. I should ask my health care provider about diet recommendations. It is important I find fun exercise activities that I enjoy so that I can get my regular 30-60 minutes a day workout and stay healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Getting Rest/Sleep

    Getting Rest/Sleep
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    Also, I can prevent health problems by looking out for serious medical issue warnings, talking to my doctor about my body, recent changes, health risks and what I can do to avoid them. i should quit smoking if I do and definitely not start if i don't, protect my heart the best I can, maintain a healthy weight, continue to exercise, drink alcohol moderately to none, eat healthy, and take in my health care provider's recommendations. I should seek advice from my health care provider regularly.
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    60-69, I can implement a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and cutting off unhealthy foods. If I haven't started yet, it is not too late. I will also ensure that I focus on finding safe, easy, and fun ways to exercise in order to get 30-60 minutes a day of necessary work-out.