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Lifetime Personal Health

  • Doctors Visit

    Doctors Visit
    Visits to the doctors for sexual health and general checkups are absolutely necessary. To get a check up determines if things are where they are supposed to be in health wise and if there are any diseases or problems that need to be addressed.
  • Period: to

    Health Over 40 Years

  • Period: to

    40 Year Span

    A health guideline from the ages of 20 to 60.
  • Gynecologist

    A trip to the gynecologist is absolutely important to determine sexual health and if there are any kinds of cancers that can be avoided or if pregnancy is an option if that is the track someone wants to take. This must be done every 2-3 years.
  • Exercise

    Exercise throughout the twenties is important to keep your body healthy and maintained as well s set it up for better healthier life styles later on in life.
  • Exercise Extended

    Exercise Extended
    Exercise throughout the thirties should be diligently looked after as it gets harder with body changes and metabolism changes to maintain weight. 30-60 minutes of exercise on most days of the week is recommended.
  • Health Risks

    Health Risks
    Quitting smoking if chosen to do so would be a key way to increasing health and prolonging life. Another way to do this is to reduce stress by taking time to yourself, and by doing this blood pressure can go down.
  • Sexual Health

    Sexual Health
    During the thirties sexual health is most important due to the fact that most people have begun to start getting married and have children. Talking with a health care provider is most important when concerning the possibility of conceiving a child as well as just regular HIV/STD check ups.
  • Health Care

    Health Care
    Putting on muscle is a good way to stay health due to the fact that our bodies in the thirties start to replace muscle with fat and we become more complacent. Gynecological visits are also very important due to cancer screening and Pap tests. Cholesterol is also something that should also be starting to be looked at.
  • Eating Right

    Eating Right
    When turning forty, health risks are little bit higher. To avoid complications like diabetes watching your diet can be a good way to make sure that you stay healthy and there will be no complications further on in life.
  • Health Concerns

    Health Concerns
    Stress, blood pressure rising, cholesterol concerns, pains, BMI, depression, and anxiety are common problems that arise in the forties. To counter act these, regular health visits and taking time for yourself are perfect ways for health to be maintained. For women, pre-menopause is an early on set. Taking care of skin, hearing, and vision throughout the twenties and thirties is also key to avoid skin cancers and losing hearing or eyesight.
  • Check Ups

    Check Ups
    Checking up with a doctor for cancer, dental work, physicals, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, immunizations, and etc. are important things to keep an eye on as age starts to affect and change the body.
  • Keeping Up With Health

    Keeping Up With Health
    Keeping your body and mind healthy and active is key to stay healthy and going. Abuse of substances such as drinking and smoking are a problem and should be monitored as health declines and it is easier for the body to succumb to unhealthy habits.
  • Losing Things With Time

    Losing Things With Time
    As age starts to catch up with the body, hair loss, hearing loss, acquisition of cancer and other such problems becomes a more imminent threat. Keeping up with doctors appointments as well as exercising is important to try and keep these things at bay until there is nothing that can be done to stave them off.
  • Increase Health Risk

    Increase Health Risk
    Taking care of your body in the sixties is absolutely important as you are more susceptible to joint pains, diseases, and heart attacks. Cataloging warning signs is a good way to get ahead of the game.
  • Keeping It Up

    Keeping It Up
    Going in for regular health checks and eating right is key to staying healthy. As you age, going in to the doctor or dentist is important to make sure there are no diseases or problems that can arise. Quitting smoking and protecting your heart are important insurances to prolong life. Doctors visits are also looking more at bones, blood pressure, heart, vaccines, cancers, and etc. so it is high important that health is looked after and maintained at the right intervals for check ups.