Steven tyler 2

Life of steven tyler

  • Steven tyler born

    Steven tyler born
    Steven Tyler born in yonkers, new york, his descendants are italians and german. Now He have 63 years old.
  • His first traces for the musical way

    His first traces for the musical way
    the family of him had a orchesta.. and he when was young, play a battery, in 1960, learned well to do it.
  • First album of studio

    First album of studio
    It called aerosmith. This album reached someone of the first 30 places in the list of best songs of united states.
  • Second Album of studio of aerosmith

    Second  Album of studio of aerosmith
    Second album of steven tyler and his group... This album didn't get good results in the list in the world
  • The fourth album of studio

    The fourth album of studio
    It was called rocks, get the fourth place in the listo of best album in united states
  • The new wife

    The new wife
    Steven Tyler had a wedding with cyrinda foxe
  • First album live

    First album live
    It called live bootleg, The songs was taken of concerts of 1977 and 78.
  • The first wife end

    The first wife end
    steven tyler end your love with the ex-model cyrinda fox in this year.
  • The second wife

    The second wife
    His second wife was Teresa barrick, that havea hazel eyes and blonde hair.
  • Pump

    This was the tenth album of studio. It reached the first place in England
  • NIne lives

    NIne lives
    It was a twelfth album of studio, andi it was a successful album, And get a of first places in various countries.
  • Wife end

    Wife end
    Teresa barrick and steven tyler end their love
  • Rockin' the joint

    Rockin' the joint
    It was a fifth album in life. And the ultimate, was in the list of united states
  • At the moment

    At the moment
    Now... the group of steven tyler stand and They are in tour of the world