Life of Frida Kahlo

  • Frida was Born

    Frida was Born
    Frida was born in Coyoacan, Mexico
  • Period: to

    Blue House

    Frida was born, raised and died in the "Blue House"
  • Polio

    At the age of 6 she was diagnosed with polio. She was in the hospital for 9 months. This infection crippled her leg
  • National Prepatory School

    Started to attend the National Prepatory School in Mexico City. She was one of the few girls that when to this presitigious school.
    (not sure of actual month & day)
  • Bus Accident

    Frida and her boyfriend get in to a horrible accident on a bus. She is impaled by a steel handrail. It went into her hip and came out the other side. She also had a broken pelvis and spinal fractures.
  • Period: to


    During her recovery Frida starts to take painting really serious and starts to get invovled with communities friends again.
  • Meets Diego Rivera

    Meets Diego Rivera through some friends from the communitist groups and starts to build a relationship with him
    (not sure of exact day and month)
  • Marriage!

    Diego and Frida have a civil marriage in Coyocan Mexico.
    Her mother did not approve because Diego was 20 years older than Frida and a communist.
  • San Francisco

    San Francisco
    Diego and Frida move to San Frnacisco. Diego is painting his murals and frida starts to display her art.
  • Period: to

    Frida is in and out of hospitals

    During these years frida is sick or in hosiptals for many different reasons (miscarriages, cold, etc). (not sure on day and month)
  • Moved to Detroit

    Moved to Detroit
    In April Diego and Frida moved to Detroit because Diego was awarded a comission from Ford Motor Company. He painted a mural in the Detroit Insitute of Arts.
  • 2nd Miscarriage

    Frida had her second miscarriage in the Henry Ford Hospital
  • Frida's mother dies

    Frida goes back to Mexico because her mother is ill. Her mother passes away on the 15th of September. She then returns to Detroit in October
  • Surgery

    Frida has to have a third abortion and has to have surgery on her leg. They have to cut off the ends of her toes.
  • Period: to

    Frida and Diego seperated

  • Frida's art displayed

    Frida's paintings are exhibited at the Galeria de Arte at the National Autonomous University in Mexico. Her 1st public showing in Mexico.
  • Frida's exhibition in New York

    First solo exhibition Julien Levy Gallery
  • Exhibits painting is Paris

    Exhibits painting is Paris
    The louve bought her painting "The Frame ." Ist 20th century mexican painter to be in the Louve
  • Diego and Frida Divorce

  • Frida's father dies

    Frida's father passes away and Frida goes through a depression.
  • Prize

    Frida recieve the National Prize of Arts and Science from the Ministry of Public Education for "moses"
  • Still-Life paintings

    Still-Life paintings
    Frida starts to make still-life paintings
  • Period: to

    First Solo Exhibition in Mexico

    Frida has her first solo exhibition in Mexico at the Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo. Organized by Lola Alvarez Bravo.
  • Passing away

    Passing away
    After being seriously ill for a while Frida dies in the Blue House from pneumonia.
  • The Blue House Opening!

    The Blue House Opening!
    The Blue house is turned into a Frida Kahlo Museum and opened to the public.