Life of a CDBG

  • Pre-Application Disbursion

    Pre-Application Disbursion
    Pre-applications for the Community Developmental Block Grant (CDBG) are dispersed in December. The Community Development Department (CDD) has been doing a pre-application for several years now.
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    Pre-Application Process

  • Pre-Application Submission

    Pre-Application Submission
    The Community Development Department does the pre-application proccess to save potential applicants who may not qualify for the grant their time and energy.
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    Final Application Process

  • Application Submission

    Application Submission
    Before mid-January, applicants must submit their final proposal to the CDD.
    Visit the link below for documents the City makes available online.
  • How does the CDBG work?

    CDBG is awarded to multiple applicants, for a variety of reasons and in a variety of amounts.
  • Who gets the money?

    The CDD goes through the final applications as quickly as possible and chooses who receives what amount of the CDBG. Follow the link below to learn more about the CDD.
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    Details & Hurdles for CDD

  • Annual Action Plan

    The CDD needs to choose recipients as early as possible. Once everything comes together they form their annual action plan.
  • Public Hearings

    Public Hearings
    The CDD holds public hearings to make sure the way they want to disperse the money is approved by those directly affected. However, there is generally low turn out for the hearings.
  • Housing and Urban Development Approval

    After the public approves the plan, the CDD must submit their plan to Housing and Urband Development (HUD) for approval. This is the last step before receiving the grant.
  • Muncie reserves the grant

    Ideally, the city completes all the steps in time to receive the funding from the federal government by the beginning of the fiscal year. The fiscal year begins June 1.
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    Receiving Government Grant Money

  • Reviews

    Envirtonmental and historic preservation reviews must be completed close to the time that the application process ends. After the reviews are completed the city gains Release of Funds and disperses the grant money.