Life in the Industrial Age

  • Men

    By the mid 1800's, most middle class husbands went to work in an office or shop.
  • British Mechanic

    William Cockerill opened different facotries in Belgium to make the spinning and weaving machines
  • College for Women

    They started opening small colleges for just women to go to.
  • Photos

    By the 1840's, a new art form, photography was emerging.
  • Anesthesia

    Anethesia was first used to relieve pain during surgery.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    The Seneca Falls Convention demanded that women should have to the right to vote.
  • Paris Rebuilds

    The most extensive urban renewal took place in Paris.
  • Women start speaking up

    Some women in the middle classes, had campaigned for the abolition of slavery.
  • Realism

    A New artistic movement called realism to hold in the West.
  • Steel Production and the Bessemet Process

    Henry Bessemer independently developed a new process for making steal from iron.
  • Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo re-created France's past in different novels
  • Alfred Nobel

    Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.
  • Germany

    Germany legalized labor unions in 1869.
  • Germany

    Germany united into a powerful nation.
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    He created and patented the telephone.
  • Robert Koch

    German doctor, Robert Koch, identified the bacterium that caused tuberculosis.
  • Buildings

    Architects were using steel to construct soaring buildings such as sky scrapers.
  • Population of Britain

    Workers made up more than 30 % of the population in early 1900's
  • Membership in France

    In France, membership grew from 140,000 in 1890 to over a million in 1912.
  • A Disease Discovered

    Yellow fever and malaria had been traced to microbes carried by mosquitoes.