Life in the Industrial Age

  • Birth of Beethoven

    In 1770 the acclaimed composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in germany
  • Birth of Charles Dickens

    The acclaimed realist author Charles Dickens is born in England in 1812
  • Photography

    By the 1840's a new art form known as photography was starting to emerging. Louis Daguerre had improved on past technologies to make it better
  • Anesthesia

    Anesthetics were first used in surgerys for the relief of pain
  • Womens colleges

    In the 1840s there were a few small colleges for women in england and america
  • First Neanderthal discovered

    workers in Germany accidentally uncovered this fossilized neanderthal
  • On the Origin of Species

    In 1859 charles darwin published his book on evolution to much controversy
  • Les Mise`rables

    In 1862 Victor Hugo publishes this book to show the reality of poverty and corruption
  • Alfred Nobel invents dynamite

    In 1866 swedish inventor Alfred Nobel invented dynamite
  • Impressionism

    By the 1870's a new form of art known as impressionism starting to become popular
  • Thomas Edison invents light bulb

    In the 1870's Thomas Edison invented the first electric light bulb
  • Link between microbes and diseases

    French chemist Lous Pasteur showed a clear link between microbes and diseases
  • Invention of the Telephone

    The american inventor Alexander Graham patented the telephone
  • Schools for teachers

    In france the first schools to train teachers were formed in 1879
  • Discovery of Tuberculosis bacteria

    German inventor Robert Koch found the bacrerium for tuberculosis in the 1880's
  • The assembly line

    The assembly line was introduced to into the factories of manufacturing nations
  • Workers made 30% of population in Britain

    Workers in the highly industrialized Britain made up 30% of the population
  • Steel used to build skyscrapers

    By the 1900 there construction companys were using steel to create giant soaring buildings
  • First airplane

    The wibur brothers make their wood and clothe ariplane take flight at kitty hawk for the first time
  • French Labor unions grow

    By the year 1912 there were over a million union members when in 1890 there were just one-hundred fourty thousand members