Baroque, Modern, Impressionism

  • 1306

    Lamentation (The Mourning of Christ)

    Lamentation (The Mourning of Christ)
    The painting represent a subject in Christian art from the high middle ages to the baroque. After Jesus was crucified. removed from the cross.
    The artist (Giotto di Bondone's)
  • 1440

    Donatello - David

    Donatello - David
    The sculpture is something precious towards some people because he’s among . The sons of men were also is called beloved.
    Artist name (Donatello).
  • 1455

    Penitent Magdalene (Donatello

    Penitent Magdalene (Donatello
    This culture is presenting Mary. Where is she is praying for forgiveness with an emotion in her face with details. And also for giving her sins.
    Artist name ( Donatello).
  • 1490

    Vitruvian Man

    Vitruvian Man
    This represent the perfect man that’s how they call it. People use theirs for anatomy. And health formed. For people or students. Learn human form.
    Artist name(Leonardo da Vinci).
  • 1491

    Virgin of the Rocks

    Virgin of the Rocks
    The rocks and caves represent sanctuary The rocks also referred to Jesus. What the painting is mostly representing is. Virgin Mary in Christ.
    Artist name( Leonardo da Vinci,).
  • 1494

    The Last Supper

    The Last Supper
    What is symbolize the united with Christ to receive grease and forgiveness and the sacrifice when God came to give love for others and for people to be with God for enternity. Artist name
    (Leonardo da Vinci).
  • 1499


    The painting is representing Virgin Mary, holding her sign dead, which is Christ in her arms and legs and her showing her sorrow.
    Artist name(Michelangelo Buonarroti).
  • 1500


    In this portrait, there’s a lot of emotions by features, but for him having his serious face has a symbolize where his intellectual and moralistic character of his.
    Artist name (Albrecht Dürer).
  • 1510

    Disputation of Holy Sacrament

    Disputation of Holy Sacrament
    Showing a celestial vision of god and his prophets and apostles above and gathering of the Roman Catholic Church.
    Artist name (Raphael).
  • 1511

    The School of Athens

    The School of Athens
    All the greatest mathematicians, philosophers and scientist gathering where they share their ideas and learn from each other’s. And that’s mostly what is presenting in the artwork.
    Artist name (Raffaello Sanzio).
  • 1512

    Creation of Adam

    Creation of Adam
    The divine breath of life with god’s an atoms finger almost touching one and other. Which this painting is more recognized for Christianity.
    Artist name( Michelangelo).
  • 1519

    Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa represents her happiness. Vinci wanted to see her true emotions and not to hide her true self also him being himself. Also, he gave this mysterious background behind Mona Lisa.
    Artist name (Leonardo da Vinci).
  • Lodovico Cardi detto il Cigoli

    Lodovico Cardi detto il Cigoli
    A Italian painter and architect on late mannerist and end early baroque period and drawing the baroque for the painter to help themselves on picturing it, and also painting it.
    Name artist (Lodovico Cardi)
  • The Raft of the Medusa

    The Raft of the Medusa
    The people of France being left behind and suffering and also they die but those who haves more power were fine.
    Name artist(Théodore Géricault).
  • Mazeppa and the Wolves

    Mazeppa and the Wolves
    The young man’s journey through the wilderness, we’re he is strapped and naked to an untamed horse as punishment for an affair.
    Name artist (Horace Vernet).
  • Liberty Leading the People

    Liberty Leading the People
    Romantic history painting the French Revolution 28 1830 leads a varied group were people forward over barricade and the bodies of the fallen and the women also haveing the aloft flag in her hand.
    Name artist (Eugène Delacroix).
  • The Women of Algiers

    The Women of Algiers
    In this painting is basically woman selling their bodies on the woman on the left were there showing their emotions and colors.
    Name artist (EugèneDelacroix).
  • William Wordsworth

    William Wordsworth
    He was there 72 at this time period. In this painting, William wordsworth and looking thoughtful. And a little bit serious and also this was a peak of Helvellyn. On 1842.
    Name artist (William Wordsworth).
  • Alfred Dedreux 1810- 1860

    Alfred Dedreux 1810- 1860
    The colors is symbolizing feelings and emotions in this painting is symbolize loyalty but also enjoying the beauty of it and in these times, and 19 century and even including Spanish paintings.
    Name artist (Théodore Géricault).
  • Byzantine and Romanesque architecture

    Byzantine and Romanesque architecture
    The Romanesque buildings are like those of the ancient Roman Empire tented to display a strong sense for proportion and order.
    Name artist(Thomas graham).