Liberalismo Time Line

  • Initiation (Maderistas 1910-1913)

    Initiation (Maderistas 1910-1913)
    Porfirio Diaz becomes president of Mexico and occupies the place during the period.
  • Plan de San Luis

    Plan de San Luis
    Francisco Madero writes the "Plan de San Luis" in San Antonio Texas
  • Revolution

    The Mexican Revolution begins
  • Non-Relection

    Francisco publicly promoted the non-reelection in the presidency.
  • Election

    Francisco Madero is elected president
  • Land and Freedom

    Land and Freedom
    Zapata announces the Ayala Plan in which the main motto was "Land and Freedom".
  • The Arrest

    The Arrest
    Pascual Orozco leads a rebellion in Chihuahua, after losing the election for governor. General Victoriano Huerta, representing Madero, defeats Orozco and arrests Pancho Villa.
  • Jail (Constitucionalismo 1913-1914)

    Jail (Constitucionalismo 1913-1914)
    Huerta leads a coup against Madero, who is deposed, arrested, and jailed.
  • Huerta as presdient

    Huerta as presdient
    President Madero and Vice President Pino Suárez are riddled with bullets. Huerta declares himself president of Mexico.
  • USA (no specific day)

    USA (no specific day)
    March 1913
    The United States declares itself against Huerta.
  • Plan de Guadalupe

    Plan de Guadalupe
    The Guadalupe Plan was drafted and signed on March 26, 1913 at the Hacienda de Guadalupe and promulgated in Eagle Pass, USA. on March 31, 1913.
  • Carranza (no specific day)

    Carranza (no specific day)
    Venustiano Carranza, the governor of Coahuila, is named First Chief in the fight against Huerta and against Villa and Zapata. Alvaro Obregón is at the head of Carranza's army.
  • Veracruz in Captivity

    Veracruz in Captivity
    United States forces occupy Veracruz.
  • The Escape

    The Escape
    Huerta resigns as president and flees to Europe on a German ship.
  • President Carranza

    President Carranza
    Carranza declared himself president even though Villa didn't agree.
  • WWI (no specific day)

    WWI (no specific day)
    World War I begins in Europe. The United States leaves Veracruz.
  • Aguascalientes Convention

    Aguascalientes Convention
    Villa and Zapata demand the implementation of social development programs and agrarian reform, while Carranza prioritises the implementation of long-term political reforms. (October 10-November 10)
  • Guerra de Facciones

    Guerra de Facciones
    War between the Constitucionalistas (Carranza and Obregón) and Convencionistas (Zapata and Villa) battles for control of the center of the country.
  • Celaya

    Pancho Villa launches an attack to bring the city under Convencionistas control, Obregón defeats Villa on April 15 and heads north of Mexico to regroup.
  • Constitucion

    The first constitution to guarantee social rights to Mexicans gave Carranza dictatorial powers.
  • Zapata's Death (april)

    Zapata's Death (april)
    Zapata is assassinated in Morelos after losing against Carranza
  • Plan de Agua Prieta

    Plan de Agua Prieta
    Created to overthrow Carranza
  • Carranzas Death

    Carranzas Death
    Murdered in Tlaxcalantongo
  • Obregón's power (no specific date)

    Obregón's power (no specific date)
    While Adolfo de la Huerta was elected as interim president preparing the ground for Álvaro Obregón to come to power in November.