Lewis clark

Lewis and Clark Expodition( dixion)

  • First step

    First step
    President Thomas Jefferson sends secreat message to congress asking for aprovial/ funding for expodition of the west
  • Period: to

    Time span

  • Read all abou it!

    Read all abou it!
    The news of the Louisiana Purchas is anounced. The size of the U.S has tripled. The expodidtion can begin.
  • Leaving Washington

    Meriwether Lewis leaves Washington.
  • Louisiana is ours

    Louisiana is ours
    Lewis and Clark attend cerimonies in St.Louis that officaly signs the Louisiana Territory over to the U.S
  • Expodition Begins

    Expodition Begins
    Expodition crew of nearly Four dozen men ( including Lewis and Clark) set off from Camp Doubis. They travel up the Mississippi in three boats, with ten tones of supplies.
  • Independece Creek

    Independece Creek
    First fourth of July on expodition. Expodition crew has small celabration, and names a small creek west of the Mississippi, Idependence Creek.
  • First encounter

    First encounter
    The Corp of Discovory (expodition crew) Meets with representatives from Oto and Missouri Indians. Lewis tells the idians that they have new "great father" in far east, and that he is promising a great new future.
  • Boat toll

    Boat toll
    When the corp of Discovory was moving upriver the Teton Sioux charges them a toll for moving farther upriver. A fight nearly breaks out, but is defused by chief Black Buffalo. For three more nerve-wrecking days the corp stays with the tribe.
  • Charbonneau and Sacagawea join the expodition

    Charbonneau and Sacagawea join the expodition
    Lewis and Clark hire Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-canadian fur trader that had been living among the hidatsa tribe, as an interperature. His 17-year-old wife, sacagawea who was a Shoshone indian travels along with them. The captains saw her useful because they would be traveling through Shoshone land, and she could interpuret with them and get needed supplies.
  • A baby is born

    A baby is born
    Sacagawea gives birth to her son, Jean Baptiste. The Corps of Expodition has gaind a member.
  • Shoshone

    The corp of expodition comes upon a tribe of shoshone indians. As Lewis tries to negotiate for needed supplies Sacagawea is brought in to translate for them. Remarkabley the chief is Sacagaweas brother, forming a frienship with the shoshone and the corp.
  • Ocean in view

    Ocean in view
    Clark writres in his journal, " Ocian in view! O! the joy!". But insted of the Pacific they were actually 20 miles from sea at a place called Grey's Bay. Fierce storms held them down for weeks.
  • Peace Meeting

    President Thomas Jefferson holds a peace meeting in the east with chiefs from the Missioui, Oto, Arikara, and Yankton Sioux . All goes well.
  • Split up

    After re-crossing Bitterroots, the expedition splits into smaller groups in order to explor more land. Clark takes a group down the Yellowstone River, and Lewis takes a group to the Great Falls and then explores the northernmost reaches of the Marias River.
  • Reunited

    Finally at Yellowstone the corp is reunited able to continue home.
  • Home again

    Home again
    They reach St. Louis. Having been gone nearly two and a half years, this is their last day together as the Corp of Discovory.
    Later that fall the Captains are treated as national heroes. Lewis is named governor of the Louisiana Territory and Clark is made Indian agent for the West and brigadier general of the territory’s militia. Also the men get payed a healthy payment along with lots of land.
  • Lewis's Death

    Lewis's Death
    On this day Captain Meriwether Lewis comits suicide at an inn south of Nashville. Some thought that he was murdered, but both Jefferson and Clark belive Lewis killed himself.