Lewis And Clark

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  • Meeting

    William Clark and 48 men met up with Meriwether Lewis on this date.
  • Meeting Tribes

    Meeting Tribes
    On August 2, 1804 Oto and Missouri indians came to Lewis and Clarks expedition camp. The first encounter went well, they both gave eachother gifts and friendly gestures. But the captains thought it would be different when they meet Sioux. Thomas Jefferson who was president at the time clarified the need to be gentle and friendly towards these new people because they are a very powerful party.
  • Teton Sioux

    Teton Sioux
    When the expedition arrived to the Teton Sioux tribe, they offered the gifts, but the Teton tribe was hostile. One of the Chiefs demanded a boat. When the Indians became more hostile the expedition prepared themselves. Clark pulled out his sword and Lewis pulled a gun. The expedition had let Thomas Jefferson down.
  • Winter at Fort Mandan

    Winter at Fort Mandan
    Lewis and Clark arrived at the Mandan tribe's village. This is where they planned to stay for the winter. During this winter, it got very cold. Temperatures were below freezing and their food supply was running low.
  • Documentation

    Lewis and Clark had spent a lot of the winter writing a paper about everything they have seen so far on their expedition.
  • Grizzly Territory

    Grizzly Territory
    Lewis and Clark headed west. The Indians had warned them about grizzly county and how the bears were very dangerous. Lewis wasn't fazed by the description of these creatures and he was not intimidated until they found a pair of grizzly bears and he was chased and almost killed by one.