Letters from Rifka

  • Leaving Berdichev, Russia

    Rifka arrives in Poland. She is happy because she did not get caught by the Russian soldiers in Berdichev. She tricked the Russian guards. And she saved her family in the boxcars. The Russian guards wanted to kill Jews and Nathan because he left the Russian Army. They made it to Poland safely.
  • Getting to Poland

    In 1919, Rifka and her parents got on the train to go to Poland on their way to America. When they got to Poland they had to take off their clothes in the train so the doctor could check them. They got sprayed with something and when they got everything back mama's candle sitcks were gone . Rifka head throbbed and her body ached from all that has happened.
  • Suffering from Typhus

    This letter is mostly about Rifka and that she is remembering when she got sick and when she had typhus. she had to be in a home rifka is thinking ab
  • Motivz,Poland

    RIFKA was in Motivz,Poland RIFKA felt ill.They were on the trian and RIFKA felt like she was going to explode.
    Then papa had remeberd that he had a couin to stay with but he had no room.So he just toke them in anyway.They slept on the floor.As they were sleeping RIFKA had bad dreams.The next morning somebody said that they were going to examin her.Then she found out that she had typhus.The medical worker was saying that she had typhus.The medical worker said she will die.RIFKA had hope.
  • stuck in poland

    Rifka and Saul moved from a shed to a cheap run-down inns. Saulgot a job and Rifka sat down with mother in the hospital her mother has typus and her father not to mention but her brother to.
  • Rifka Gets Ringworm in Poland

    In this chapter Rifka is in Poland on a train.She is going to go to Warsaw, Poland but when she is the train.Her mom says to sit on one seat but Rifka didn't listen to her mom. Rifka was walking around and she saw a girl with a baby. The girl had ringworms. But Rifka did not know so she did the girl's hair and Rifka got the disease ringworm.
  • Warsaw,Poland

    RIFKA and her mom had an examination by a docter.He asked to cheak there scalp.When it was the mothers turn the mother passed.When it was RIFKA turn she could not go.Thats when she had the disease called ringworm.Thats when RIFKA rememberd that she combed the little girl hair in the trian.
  • Being in a strange place

    Rifka is in Warsaw,Poland she still has ringworm the doctor is telling Rifka and her mom to drop off Rifka in Beligum and let Rifka stay there with another family there but Rifka doesn't want to so she want's to go back to Berdechev but if she goes back there she will put her family in great danger her mom said when all the ringworm is cured you could sail to America and be with your family.
  • Rifka Gets Lost in Antwerp

    This summary is mostly about Rifka and that she saw a scary man with gold teeth. Then she ran away and she got lost. She didn't know where she was she wanted to go back home. Then she saw a milk man. The milk man said are you lost? Rifka said yes. Then the milk man guided her home. Rifka was relieved that she was home and she said thank you for bringing me back home. I could have been lost for ever.
  • Rifka's Voyage to America

    This summary is mostly about Rifka on the ship she likes it on the ship. She becomes friends with a sailor named Pieter. Before she got on the deck Pieter kissed Rifka on the lips. Rifka was thinking when Pieter kissed her. They talked about bravery and how Rifka is able to learn new languages quickly. Shalom.
  • The Storm

    This letter is mostly about Rifka on the ship and there are huge waves. Rifka thinks she is gonna die because the waves are trying to take people over boared into the sea. There was a storm and Rifka was about to drown. Pieter saved Rifka, but then he was lost overboard during the storm. Rifka thought she wouldnt make it to America every one was scared but they survive, but she did.
  • Rifka is held at the hospital because of her contagious disease

    In the beginning of this particular letter, Rifka gets held in the hospital on Ellis Island because of her contagious (diseases) but in Antwerp, Belguim they said she was cured but the people at Ellis Island don't believe her. In the middle, the lady from the HIAS found an interpreter to give Rifka question and Rifka answered them. At the end of the letter, the lady from the HIAS said that Rifka would have to grow hair in order to go to America.
  • My brother visits me in Ellis Island

    Today my brother visits me but he broke my Star of David.When he came he said I looked different.He ask me what happened to my hair.He was shocked I can read in English.At the end he said good-bye. I gave him money to mom and dad so they don't have to work on Sabbath. Good-bye Saul. Shalom.
  • Mom's Visit to Rifka at Ellis Island

    In October 11,1920 Rifka's mom came to visit her in the hospital and she saw the baby Rifka had been taking care of. Ilya got alittle jealous when she carried the baby. Rifka's mom touched her head and said that maybe her father will think of something for Rifka's hair to grow back.
    " . Rifka said "no that she is content to be bald".
  • Rifka Worries about Ilya Wasting Toilet Paper

    This summary is mostly about Rifka and Ilya. Rifka is worried because Ilya wasted the whole toilet paper roll. Rifka thinks they will get killed and the nurse says don't worry, we have all kinds of paper like newspaper, toilet paper, and writing paper in America. In Russia, they kill people when they waste paper.
  • Rifka takes care of the baby

    RIFKA take care of a baby that had typhus.She toke care of the baby for 3weeks.After 3weeks and days later RIFKA found the baby dead in her crib.RIFKA felt heart broken,diprsted,blue,disopointed and so on.
    but RIFKA could not do any thing about it so she just sat there like if she was still there. por oh RIFKA she has no one to take care of.
  • Last time together

    This is the last letter to you Tovah.When i woke up i felt like a lump in my throat.I let ilya sleep in bed.I knew it was probsbly our last night together,whatever happend.When you came to today to see me they said he can cam to america.Now it is my turn my hole family is their the said i can go to america
  • The Doctors Tell Rifka She Can Go to America

    This summary is mostly about Rifka and the doctors said she can go to America. The doctors told her she is cured but she needs to buy a ticket but she doesn't want to go on a ship with poor people where she will have no space. Rifka is finally free to go to America. Shalom.
  • Rifka gets her papers signed to stay in America

    Rifka is ready to get her papers signed at the doctor in Ellis Island to be able to stay in America.She gets her papers signed and is alloed to stay in America