• Injury

    Leni began her dancing career at a young age but it was ended due to a knee injury in 1924.
  • Acting

    She began her acting career in 1925 to due to association With Frank Arnold while she was dancing. It was her First movie that she made an appearance in.
  • Starring

    Leni then went on to make a number of movies for Arn-old. 1926 she stared the Holy Mountain, 1927 The great Leap, 1929 The White Hell of Pitz Palu and 1930 Storm Over Mont Blanc.
  • The Blue Light

    Leni directed her first movie that won a lot of awards and Also got Hitler’s attention, released in 1933.
  • The Meeting

    She met Hitler for the first time, she began her film. Making career for Hitler.
  • Victory of Faith-Triumph of the Will

    Leni made her first movie for Hitler Victory of Faith, but She didn’t approve it so she made another movie called The Triumph of the Will which is known as one of the Best movies in her career.
  • Olympia

    Leni won a lot of awards internationally and in German Nazi for her movie Olympia due to the different Techniques she used.
  • Movie for Hitler

    Her meeting with Goebbles led to him suggesting that she direct a movie about Hitler himself.