Little paradisertul

Lei An's Life

  • Lei An changes her name to Mirabel (Prologue)

    In North Melbourne, Australia Lei An decides to change her name to Mirabel for school in Australia. Her mum disapproves since it will change her whole destiny.
  • Period: to

    The Book's Timeline

  • Lei An goes to the Soothsayer and gets her oracle bone (3)

    Lei An picks the cat oracle bone and chooses the destiny, Dressing the dead,
    Treasure not wed,
    Lost on the sea,
    To fourtune you'll flee
  • Mirabel meets Rose (12)

    Mirabel meets Rose for the first time, she will become Mirabel's best friend and an infleuntially character.
  • Mirabel gets her art books back (17)

    Rose tells Mirabel how to get back her art books, her passion from Mr.Cochran and learns abouty his past.
  • Mirabel's Mum gets sick again (21)

    Mirabel visits her mum at Forest Glades where she tells Mirabel 'I am not the person you think I am'.
  • Mirabel takes Rose to visit Great Auntie May (36)

    Great Auntie May tells the girls about how her feet got binded.
  • Mirabel takes the blackmail money to the guy (48)

    Even though Mirabel doesn't know it she is taking the money. This is part of her mothers past.
  • Margo's 21st Party (53)

    Mirabel designs a dress for Margo. She sees JJ for the first time. Margo gets a telegram saying Harry has been seriously injured.
  • Mirabel sends a letter to her penpal, Eva (58)

    Mirabel's father does some work in Adelaide and passes on letters from Eva to Mirabel. Mirabel tells Eva everything!!
  • Mirabel and Rose finish school (59)

    They finidh school, Rose does a course for becoming a lawyer and Mirabel isn't sure. They talk about their future.
  • Harry comes back and Mirabel gets a job. (67)

    Harry comes back different but her friend helps him recover. Harry's friend helps Mirabel get a job at a mapping company helping the war effort.
  • JJ saves Mirabel from drunk American soldiers (74)

    Mirabel is in China Town and drunk American soldiers harrass her and JJ saves her. He thinks she is a prostitute. This is the second time they meet.
  • Mirabel makes new friends Jock and Murray (79)

    Mirabel meets Jock and Murray at her mapping job. They sit either side of her and are brillant artists. They will help her learn to talk to guys and accept her for who she is and what she does.
  • Captain Shen and Lieutenant Lin (JJ) come for dinner at Mirabel's house.(83)

    Mirabel's father invites Captain Shen and Lieutenant Lin (JJ) over to his house for dinner. Mirabel is surprised at Shen's perfect english and trys to talk to JJ in mandarin. They do not acknowledge they know each other in front of MIrabel's parents. Mirabel's father asks her to take them on a tour of the city for him.
  • Mirabel takes JJ on a tour of the city, this ends up being their first date.(93)

    Captain Shen can not make it for the tour but JJ comes to say they have cancelled and Mirabel ends up convincing him to come on the tour. They fall in love!
  • JJ doesn't turn up for their second date (108)

    Mirabel leaves the cafe with Jock, Murray and Rose early so she can met up with JJ, he doesn't show. Mirabel gets angry, uspet and worried.
  • Mirabel gets home late and Jimmy is sick with St. Vitus' dance (109)

    Mirabel's parents are angry when she gets home because she is late and hadn't told them where she was going. Jimmy is very sick with a fatal diease and only penicillin came help get him better but it is impossible to get with the war going as it is given to soldiers.
  • Mirabel goes to JJ's boarding house to find him, JJ gets Jimmy some penicillin (112)

    Mirabel goes looking for JJ at his boarding house and finds him with Chen's sister. She thinks he is cheating on her till she finds out who she is. JJ is sorry for not turning up and ends up getting some penicillin for Jimmy. Jimmy gets better!
  • Great Auntie May meets JJ (115)

    Mirabel takes JJ to meet Great Auntie May, this is their second date. Great Auntie May approves but is going to keep it a secret. Mirabel is getting JJ to meet her family
  • Mirabel and JJ go to Tasmania because JJ has to go back to Shanghai (119)

    They catch a boat to Tasmania and rent a house. Mirabel says she is visiting a friend from school. This is when Mirabel first falls pregnant although she doesn't know that yet.
  • Farewell dinner for JJ (124)

    Mirabel's family hosts a farewell dinner for JJ but Mirabel can't have a final farewell or show passion.
  • Mirabel's mum talks to her in the middle of the night aout her secrets (130)

    Mirabel's mum tells Mirabel about Chen Su Ting blackmailing her because of Dan Dan and Ai Ling and their changed destiny.
  • The war is over (137)

    World War II has finished and Mirabel thinks this means JJ is coming back soon.
  • Mirabel finds out she is pregnant (138)

    Mirabel finds out she is pregnant with JJ's baby because of Tasmania. She wants an abortion because she hasn't heard from JJ and it will bring shame to her family. Mirabel goes to see Great Auntie May about it.
  • Mirabel changes her mind and decides to keep the baby (145)

    Mirabel changes her mind and decides to keep the baby after seeing Angel since it is a part of JJ
  • Mirabel tells her parents about the baby and sends an angry letter to JJ (147)

    Mirabel tells her parents about the baby they are not pleaseed. She also sends an angry letter to JJ because she hasn't heard from him and is uspet because of the baby.
  • Mirabel father is not happy about the baby (149)

    Since Mirabel is so pregnant she can't have an abortion her father says 'after it is born you must give it away' and ' you are not to leave the house un till you have had the baby.
  • Mirabel runs away to Eva's (154)

    Mirabel sends a letter to Eva telling her she is coming. She gets there are Eva lets her in to stay with her till she has her baby. She meets Eva her penpal for the first time.
  • Mirabel has her baby at Eva's and called it Bao Bao (treasure) (161)

    Mirabel has her baby at Eva's and called it Bao Bao (treasure). He looks like JJ. Her parents come to get her back she goes back on the conditions that Bao Bao must never leave the house and she must work for her father
  • Captain Shen comes to give Mirabel a letter from JJ and a weddIng ring (169)

    This is Mirabel's first contact from JJ for ages and she is now engaged to him
  • JJ's dad died so he had to stay back to help out (172)

    JJ had to return to his village to help the devastion after the war and his mum cope with the death of his dad. This delays JJ coming back to see Mirabel in Australia.
  • Mirabel decides to go to Shanghai to find JJ with Bao Bao (174)

    Rose says she can stay with her aunt and uncle who have fled from Vienna to Shanghai.
  • Mirabel goes to see Chen Su Ting about the blackmailing (178)

    She wears Ai Ling's blue hair thing and Chen Su Ting thinks she is his daughter risen from the dead. He agrees tostop blackmailing her parents
  • Mirabel told her mum about going to Shanghai and made a dress of healing (182,184)

    irabel tells her mum she is going to Shanghai her mum half-expected it. Mirabel made a dress of healing for her mother and with the letter she recieved from Chen Su Ting saying that he would stop blackmailing them she is a new person and recovered. The first line of the oracle bone has happened 'Dressing the dead'
  • Mirabel left for Shanghai on the SS Taiping. (188)

    Mirabel and Bao Bao leave on the SS Taiping to Shanghai. It was sad to say good bye to the family but exciting too, they would soon see JJ. They meet Chrissy and Edward on board who are going to Shanghai to live, they are English
  • Mirabel and Bao Bao arrive safely in Shanghai (201)

    Mirabel and Bao Bao arrive in Shanghai but can't find Rose's uncle. Mirabel's bag with all her precious things and her oracle bone are stolen. Finally Mirabel finds Rose's uncle and then they find her bag and oracle bone because the people who stole it are dead. Mirabel and Bao Bao then meet the rest of Mirabel's family.
  • Mirabel meets Stefan and starts to look for Jin Yu (216)

    Mirabel meets Stefan at Rose's uncle and auntie's house. Stefan takes Mirabel to the address she has for Jin Yu while Rose's auntie looks after Bao Bao. They were unsuccessful at finding Jin Yu but meet Xiao Zhu
  • Mirabel sees Swan Lake in Shanghai (230)

    Mirabel is taken to see Swan Lake by Rose's auntie and uncle. She sees Chrissy and Edward there but doesn't say hello. Chrissy is pregnant. Mirabel sees Xiao Zhu outside the theatre.
  • It is Lottie, Rose's cousin's birthday (234)

    Mirabel takes the girls to the park so that Rose's auntie can set up a surprise party for Lottie. The girls meet Xiao Zhu, he tells them for Mirabel to go to a cafe to meet someone.
  • Meets Jin Yu, JJ's brother (237)

    Mirabel goes to the cafe to find that Jin Yu is waiting for her. He is JJ's brother that she was trying to find. He gives her a letter from JJ and reads it to her. He tells her the village where JJ is, is called San Chang.
  • Mirabel catches up with Chrissy and Edward (243)

    Mirabel sees Chrissy, Edward and baby bump. Mirabel was wondering if Edward goes towards JJ's village in any of his business trips
  • Mirabel goes looking for JJ in San Chang, his village (248)

    Mirabel gets a boat to Haimen. It takes an unscheduled stop because they were being searched by the Kuomintang government for Communists. When she arrives a man gives her a ride to San Chang on his bicycle his name is Wang Bin and he lives there.
  • Meets JJ's mum and sees JJ (255)

    Wang Bin drops Mirabel off at his house but only JJ's mum is home. She recognises Mirabel and is so happy to meet her. JJ comes home from repairing the village to find Mirabel. Happy Reunion! JJ's mum prepares a feast for dinner
  • JJ, Mirabel and Bao Bao move into a house is Shanghai together (258)

    They share a maison with some other familys on different levels. They have a cook and a servant to look after Bao Bao.
  • Mirabel and JJ get married (259)

    They have a wedding with Jin Yu best man and Max, Rachel and Stefan witnesses. Mirabel found her perfect dress after all these years - her wedding dress.
  • Mirabel and JJ get jobs in Shanghai (262)

    Mirabel got a job at Murchison, Glass & Co. She filed and letter write there as her job. She got a driver to and from work with the job and she loved it. JJ was inventive and imaginative, and made his own job. He bought old army parachutes and used the silk to make undergarments which Stefan sold at market.
  • Rose's auntie, uncle and cousins leave Shanghai forever with Stefan (265)

    The war between the Kuomintang government and the communists had become to dangerous for them to stay in Shaghai. They recieved their visas finally, to go to Australia.
  • Mirabel gets a letter from Lola and is getting better at her Mandarin and Shanghainese. (269)

    Since Mirabel has left to Shanghai, the relationship between Lola and Mirabel has gotten much better. Mirabel recieves a letter from Lola. Mirabel has gotten better at her languages while being in Shanghai. She now has good mandarin and can speak Shanghainese, the local dialect.
  • The war between the Kuomintang government and communists got worse (270)

    The war between the Kuomintang government and communists got worse, so JJ wants to leave. Chrissy had Edwina and her, Edwina and Edward leave to Hong Kong then to England because of work.
  • Jin Yu visits to tell JJ about a meeting, it is a trick. Everyone thinks it is because of JJ. (277)

    Jin Yu visits to tell JJ about a communist meeting because Jin Yu has recommened JJ for a leader of the Communists. Kuomintang Government officials pretend to join the communists it ends up being a trap. Jin Yu dies but Xiao Zhu survives. Everyone believes that JJ set them up since he worked for the Kuomintang Government in World War II.
  • JJ leaves to plan an escape route. Mirabel gets her oracle bone back (286, 291)

    JJ leaves to plan an escape route and Mirabel dismisses the cook. Mirabel goes to Murchison, Glass & Co to get her oracle bone which she left there when her work was shut down. She sees Xiao Zhu who survived the meeting because he was sent out for food.
  • The Kuomintang Government turns up looking for Mirabel and JJ. (295, 298)

    When Mirabel gets back her neighbour had dismissed her servant that looked after Bao Bao and was in the house with Bao Bao. He threatened her and then got the Kuomintang Goverment and accused her and JJ of being Communists. The Kuomintang government turns up and Bao Bao hides. Mirabel ends up convinces them she is not an Communist. Her neighbour gets punished.
  • JJ returns and they leave for Australia. (302)

    JJ finds a way out by boat with a friend and they set out to Hong Kong. From there they plan to go to Australia.
  • Mirabel returns to the soothsayer (Epilogue-313)

    Mirabel returns to the soothsayer because the cycle of the prediction has completed. Dress the dead (made a perfect dress for her Mama to fix her), Treasure not wed (she had Bao Bao which means treasure before she got married), Lost on the sea ( she was lost in Shanghai which means sea looking for JJ) and To fortune you'll flee ( they fled to Australia). The soothsayer says that although the cycle has completed it will repeat in a different way.