Leah Turner

By KN3044
  • Columbia Records

    Columbia Records
    Columbia Records is a premier recording label that was started in 1888. In 2012, Columbia Records had the highest label share in Adult Contemporary radio in the U.S. That was the same year that Leah Turner moved to Tennessee to make Country Music.
  • Leah Turner was Born.

    Leah Turner was Born.
    She was born in California. She was raised on a ranch in Morongo Valley, California. Leah started singing when she was 8 years old.
  • Where Leah was brought up

    Where Leah was brought up
    Leah started singing at the age of 6. Her father was a rodeo star roper. Leah grew up helping her father and then she found out that she loved music. She was brought up in Morongo Valley, California.
  • Collage

    Leah attended a music collage called the University of California, Santa Barbra. She sang in front or Kenn Loggins. She didn't feek the country part of her in California, so she moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2012.
  • Making Country Music

    Making Country Music
    In 2012 Leah moved from California to Tennessee. When she was in California trying to make music she didn't feel like it was the type of music she wanted to be making. She didn't want any hip-hop in her music. She wanted country music. As a little girl Leah grew up to Johnny Cash and Willy Nelson.
  • Nashville, TN

    Nashville, TN
    She had a one way ticket. She came to Nashville, because Nashville has a more country music background to it. Leah wanted her West Coast Cowgirl adittude to be in her music.
  • "Take The Keys"

    "Take The Keys"
    Leah was signed to Columbia Records in Nashville in July 2013. She made her first album with there record company.They also co-produced with Jim Catino.
  • First Song

    First Song
    Leah Turner first released her new song "Take the Keys". She has been signed with Columbi Records in Nashville for 3 years. She has released one new song and one album so far.