Le Face on le Milk Carton

  • Janie finishes her essay for English

    janie finishes her essay but her teacher dosent like it.
  • She went to lunch with her friends

    Shes mad because she only brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and she cant have miolk with it.
  • She drinks the milk

    And she glances at the milk carton she reconizes the little girl on the milk carton.
  • She freaks out because she realizes that the little girl is her

  • She keeps going over the facts in her head

    She refuses to beleive that she was kidnapped
  • Janie assumed she was going insane

    Janie thought she was going insane because she kept thinking about the polka dotted dress that she remembered from the milk carton.
  • Janie goes to Reeve's house.

    As Janie goes to Reeve's house, she has her first daymare. The daymare was about a lady sitting on a kitchen stool with long hair and she saw a little girl spinning on the chair and the lady was holding out her arm to make sure she did not fall.
  • Janie woke up.

    Janie looked up the word "daydream" in her dictionary and found the word daymare. She realized what had been going on lately. She had been having daymares.
  • Janie finds out she needs a birth certificate for her driver's license.

    Janie asks Adair if she really needs her birth certificate to get her driver's license. She fears that her mother and father do not have her birth certificate.