Law of Special Relativity Timeline

  • Law of Conservation of Mass Development

    In 1789, Lavoisier discovered that mass is neither created nor destroyed and how total mass will be the same at any point in time in a closed system
  • Law of Conservation of Energy Development

    In 1841, Julius Von Mayer discovered one of the first statements for the conservation of energy which would become the law of thermodynamics and stated that in a very similar way to the conservation of mass that, "energy cannot be created nor destroyed".
  • Einstein's discovery of Special Relativity and E=MC2

    In 1905, Albert Einstein made the discovery of one of the world's most famous/well-known equation E=MC2 and the Theory of Special Relativity which in science is the relationship between space and time.
  • Development of the Atomic Bomb

    In 1938, history and war would change after the development of the atom bomb eventually becoming one of the most dangerous weapons in anyone's hands now after scientists in 1938 discovered Nuclear Fission and after years of scientists trying to figure out how to make what would ultimately be the most dangerous weapon in the history of mankind.
  • Development of Nuclear Reactors

    In 1951, Enrico Fermi with a group of scientists initiated the first-self sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Over the next decade, the development of nuclear reactors would become more common and popular until the Chernobyl Incident which showed how dangerous they could be and tainted the reputation of nuclear reactors for decades.
  • How Special Relativity has changed the ways scientists understand mass and energy

    The development and discovery of special relativity has led to the theories of the universe expanding, black-holes, ripples in space and time and many more including the development of nuclear technology.