Laurier Era Wonders: Canada enters the creative world

By hunar
  • First black man to win world boxing championship

    George Dixon
  • Period: to

    Laurier Era: The Creative Age

    During this time Canada developed many new technologies and participated in the world
  • Motion Picture comes in

    Viewers pay 10 cents to watch several 1 minute films showing people doing everyday things
  • Eaton's Catalogue

    Automobiles appear on the cover of Eaton's Catalogue
  • 1901 Census

    More than 300,000 tekephones counted in 1901 Census
  • First wireless telegraph

    Guglielmo Marconi recieved the first wireless telegraph communication from England on Signal Hill, Newfoundland
  • Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company established

    The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company was set up at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
  • Come Away with me Lucille, in my Merry Oldsmobile

    The Oldmobile inspires a hit song, Come Away with me Lucille, in my Merry Oldsmobile
  • # of Motor Vehicles

  • The only Canadian heavyweight title winner

    Tommy Burns
  • P.E.I. Bans Cars

    Prince Edward Island bans automobiles on the basis that they tore up roads, frightened children and lifestock
  • Marconi Company opens to public

    Marconi Company annouces that it would accept messages from the public for transmission to Britain at the rate of 1 word for 15 cents
  • First Canadian Olympic

    Ned Hanlan rode in more than 150 races to become world champion
  • The first successful flight in Canada

    The first successful flight in Canada in Baddeck, Nova Scotia by J.A.D. McCurdy. Record: Name: Silver Dart
    Height: 10 metres
    Distance: 1 km
    Speed: 30 km/h
  • First homerun at Hanlan's Point

    Babe Ruth hits the first homerun
  • First Grey Cup held

    Hanlan's Point
  • Processed food become common

    Heinz Ketchup
    Coca Cola
    Canada Dry Ginger Ale
  • # of telephones

  • # of Motor Vehicles

  • Titanic sinks

    Ocean liner sends distress message to Carpathia Message: "We've struck a berg. Sinking Fast. Come to our assistance. Position: latitude 41.46 north longitude 50.14 west MGY."
  • The first Calgary Stampede

    70 000 people watch the 1-hour long parade in downtown Calgary that kicked the first Calgary Stampede
  • First Aviation Fatality

    Alys McKelly Bryan's husband becomes the first Canadian Aviation Falality
  • Radios come in full use

    Radios used more widely following the publicity surrounding their role in Titannic rescue
  • # of telephones

  • # of Motor Vehicles