Launching a New Nation

  • George washington elected President

    First president and was voted unanimously
  • Period: to

    Launching a new Nation

  • Judiciary Act of 1789

    was a landmark statute adopted on September 24, 1789 in the first session of the First United States Congress establishing the U.S. federal judiciary. Article III, section 1 of the Constitution prescribed that the "judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court," and such inferior courts as Congress saw fit to establish. It made no provision, though, for the composition or procedures of any of the courts, leaving this to Congress to decide.
  • The District of Columbia

    Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington, "the District", or simply D.C., is the capital of the United States.
  • Hamilton and Jefferson Debate

    debated over the national bank. J believe there shouldn’t be a national bank. H believed in national bank
  • Bank of the United States

    The first national bank improved the nations credit
  • Whisky Rebellion

    a tax protest in the United States beginning in 1791, during the presidency of George Washington. Farmers who used their grain in the form of whiskey as a medium of exchange were forced to pay a new tax.
  • Jay's Treaty

    a treaty between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Great Britain that is credited with averting war,[3] resolving issues remaining since the Treaty of Paris of 1783, which ended the American Revolution,[4] and facilitating ten years of peaceful trade between the United States and Britain in the midst of the French Revolutionary Wars, which began in 1792.
  • John Adams Elected

    second US President in 1796, but didn't take office until March 4, 1797. He served a single four-year term, from March 1797-March 1801, when he was succeeded by Thomas Jefferson.
  • XYZ Affair

    a political and diplomatic episode in 1797 and 1798, during the administration of John Adams, that Americans interpreted as an insult from France. It led to an undeclared naval war called the Quasi-War, which raged at sea from 1798 to 1800. The Federalist Party took advantage of the national anger to build an army and pass the Alien and Sedition Acts to damage the rival Democratic-Republican Party.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts

    Had four acts in them...
    Naturalization Act- someone must live in america form five to fourteen years to become a citizen.
    Alien Enemies Act- allowed president to kick out aliens during war.
    Alien Act- authorized the president to deport or imprison all aliens seem dangerous.
    Sedition Act- prohibited that you couldn't say anything bad or agianst the government
  • Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

    Virginia and Kentucky were agianst the federal Alien and Sedition Acts and wanted nothing with them
  • Marbury v. Madison

    President John Adams granted Marbury a five-year commission as justice of the peace for Washington, DC, on March 3, 1801. The incoming President, Thomas Jefferson, refused to deliver the commission allowing Marbury to take office, so Marbury filed a complaint with the Supreme Court in December of 1801.
  • Thomas Jefferson Elected 1st Term

    Third President. Auran Burr was his vice presidenet, he was let go after that term
  • Aaron Burr Conspiracy

    The Burr conspiracy in the beginning of the 19th century was a suspected treasonous cabal of planters, politicians, and army officers allegedly led by former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr. According to the accusations against him, Burr’s goal was to create an independent nation in the center of North America and/or the Southwest and parts of Mexico.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    was the acquisition by the United States of America in 1803 of 828,000 square miles (2,140,000 km2) of France's claim to the territory of Louisiana. The U.S. paid 50 million francs ($11,250,000) plus cancellation of debts worth 18 million francs ($3,750,000), for a total sum of 15 million dollars (less than 3 cents per acre) for the Louisiana territory ($233 million in 2011 dollars, less than 42 cents per acre).
  • Lewis and Clark

    These two men explored the new Americas and mapped it out the borders, along with the help of a 16 year old indian girl who helped guide them and there 48 men.
  • Thomas Jefferson Elected 2nd Term

  • War of 1812

    a war between the united states and the United Kingdom
  • Treaty of Ghent

    the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 between the United States and the United Kingdom.