Last Ferry Timeline

By bass45
  • Flinders Petrie- Flinders gets his undergraduate degree in sociology from Columbia University pg. 41 ln. 10

  • Flinders Petrie- Flinders obtains his masters degree in linguistics from University of Chicago pg. 41 ln. 11

  • Alex Lacassagne- Alex recieves his undergrad degree in linguistics from harvard pg. 57 ln. 9

  • Flinders Petrie- Flinders gets his PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chigcago pg. 41 ln. 11

  • Alex Lacassagne- Alex recieves his masters degree from Stanford pg. 57 ln. 10

  • Alex Lacassagne- Alex starts teaching at Stanford pg. 57 ln. 12

  • Flinders Petrie- Flinders travels to Africa to study dialects of sub-saharan Africa pg.43 ln. 26

  • Flinders is notified he improperly vouchered his Africa trip and suddenly becomes ill pg. 43 ln. 21

  • Alex Lacassagne- Alex recieves his PhD from Stanford pg. 57 ln. 10

  • Period: to

    Flinders Petrie- Taught linguistics at A&M university pg. 41 ln. 7-8

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone is trained at the Washington State basic law enforcement academy see description for training details pg. 16 ln. 16-18

    Training in : advanced narcotics investigation, advanced arson investigation, and basic homicide investigation
  • Same Stone- Sam Stone begins his career as a patrol officer with the Cedar County Sheriff's Office pg. 16 ln. 4

  • Same Stone- oklahoma City courthouse bomb pg. 18 ln. 40

  • Same Stone- "Montana Freemen" Sovereign citizens attempt to create their own government pg. 18 ln. 40-44

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone recieves detective of the year award pg. 16 ln. 19-20

  • Period: to

    Sage Annendale- Sage doesn't file income taxes pg.25 ln. 25-26

  • Period: to

    Flinders Petrie- Flinders is President of the International Association of Forensic Linguistics pg. 41 ln. 16-17

  • Same Stone- Hut buys 17 guns pg. 24 ln. 21-22

  • Same Stone- Billy Joe Jones buys 12 guns pg. 24 ln. 21-22

  • Hutaree Jones- Hut and Bobby Joe have a run-in with a state trooper pg. 44 ln. 21-22

  • TJ- TJ is dishonorably discharged from the military pg. 50 ln. 34

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone has his first big case pg. 16 ln. 27-28

  • L.B. Kravitz- Kravitz hurts his back and can't work pg. 36 ln. 5

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone Joins the FBI pg 16 ln. 4

  • Period: to

    Same Stone- Sam Stone attends a 16 week FBI academy pg. 16 ln. 22-24

  • Sam Stone- Sage Annandale is arrested in 2008 pg. 19 ln. 38

  • Period: to

    Same Stone- Sam Stone works on Domestic Terrorism squad during arson fire case pg. 17 ln. 7-8

  • Period: to

    L.B. Kravitz- Kravitz finds and lives on his land that he doesn't own pg. 36 ln. 29

  • Sage Annendale- Everly takes the kids and left Sage pg. 25. ln. 24

  • L.B. Kravitz- Kravitz decides to pay Jones family a visit pg. 36 ln. 29

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone assigned to headquearters in Washington D.C. pg. 16 ln. 42

  • Sage Annendale- Sage pleads guilty to 5 counts of misdemeanor of failure to file income taxes pg. 25 ln. 25-26

  • Sage Annendale- Sage pleads guilty to malicious mischief and felony assault on a police officer pg. 25 ln. 38-41

  • Sage Annendale- Sages disolution decree pg. 25-26 ln. 46-1

  • Waverly Rouse- Sage and Everly got a dissolution decree pg. 55 ln. 11

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone accepted into training for the FBI's elite hostage rescue team pg. 16 ln. 43-44

  • Same Stone- Sovereign Citizens in Arkansas kill two police officers pg. 18 ln. 36-38

  • TJ- Feds come to investigate TJ's lying about his military record pg. 51 ln. 2-3

  • Sage Annendale- TJ starts asking Sage to make detonators pg. 26 ln. 28-30

  • TJ- TJ meets Sage at the Gs n sip and gets him to start making detonators pg. 51 ln. 20-21

  • Period: to

    TJ- TJ meets with Hut a couple times a week pg. 51 ln. 46

  • Hutaree Jones- TJ mentions to Hut that he has found someone to do electrical work for TJ's avalanche business pg. 45 ln. 22-23

  • Hutaree Jones- TJ brings some detonators around the compound pg. 45 ln. 29

  • Same Stone- Sage first visits the Joneses for the first time pg. 21 ln. 28

  • Sage Annendale- TJ says Hut wants to meet Sage pg. 26 ln. 43-45

  • TJ- Hut hosts a bbq pg. 52 ln. 9

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone investigates possible DT threats for 10th anniversary of 9/11 pg, 17 ln. 16-17

  • Period: to

    Same Stone- Sam tone serves on the Domestic Terrorism squad pg. 17 ln. 5-6

  • Sage Annendale- Sages finishes the remote detonator for Hut pg. 28 ln. 16-18

  • TJ- Hut suprises him with a Christmas present of a long range detonator pg. 52 ln. 23-24

  • Same Stone- Sam Stone began exploring DT threats in early 2011 pg. 19 ln. 9

  • Sage Annendale- Sage hears knews about MLK day parade bomb pg. 28 ln. 22-24

  • Hutaree Jones- Hut hears about the MLK day backpack bomb pg. 46 ln. 11

  • Flinders Petrie- The Cedar Plain Dealer recieves the first anonymous letter pg. 42 ln. 3-4

  • Same Stone- Sage Annendale gets back into the Jones compound pg. 21 ln. 38

  • TJ- TJ is arrested for lying about getting a silver star pg. 52 ln. 32

  • Period: to

    Same Stone- Sage Annendale works for the FBI pg. 21 ln. 7

  • Period: to

    Sage Annendale- Sage meets with Hut several times a week pg. 30 ln. 6

  • Sage Annendale- Sage is making enough money that he can quit his job pg. 30 ln. 41-42

  • Sage Annendale- Everly dies pg. 26 ln. 3

  • L.B. Kravitz- Kravitz watches men drive into Joes property and explode a drum barrel og. 37 ln. 11

  • Period: to

    Sam Stone- with Hut and the Joes gang two or three times a week pg. 21 ln. 44-45

  • Sage Annendale- Sage brings his paperwork for Hut to see pg. 30 ln. 20-22

  • Period: to

    Sage Annendale- Sage sees hut about 4 or 5 times a week pg 30 ln. 43

  • Same Stone- Hut makes his plans clear to blow up the Oympia with a truck bomb pg. 22 ln. 1-2

  • Flinders Petrie- Sam Stone asks Flinders to serve as a consultant in a case involving three anonymous letters pg. 41 ln. 37-38

  • Sage Annendale- Sage sees hundreds of Navy personnel riding ferry to see 4th of July fireworks pg. 31 ln. 11-12

  • Hutaree Jones- Sage mentions plan about ferry pg. 46 ln. 17-26

  • Flinders Petrie- The Cedar Plain Dealer recieves the second anonymous letter pg. 42 ln. 9-10

  • Flinders Petrie- The Cedar Plain Dealer Recieves the third anonymous letter pg. 42 ln. 17-18

  • Same Stone- Hut plans to blow up the ferry on this day pg. 22 ln. 10-11

  • Flinders Petrie- FBI takes Hut's witness statement and writings and Journals for Flinders to study pg. 42 ln. 23-28

  • L.B. Kravitz- Kravitz tells Feds about what he saw pg. 39 ln. 22-23