Largest Earthquakes

  • 9.0 North America

    9.0 North America
    A quake affecting 1,000 kilometres of coastline set off a tsunami that crossed the Pacific Ocean and caused damage to coastal villages in Japan.
  • 8.7 Chile

    8.7 Chile
    A quake hit the city of Valparaiso, 120 kilometres northwest of the capital Santiago, causing a tsunami which hit more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline.
  • 8.7 Portugal

    8.7 Portugal
    November 1, 1755. The capital Lisbon was struck by a quake while many residents were in church. A quarter of the city's population perished.
  • 9.0 Peru

    9.0 Peru
    The port of Arica, which is now part of Chile, was hit by a quake felt up to 1,400 kilometres away.
  • 8.8 Ecuador

    8.8 Ecuador
    A quake struck off the coast of Ecuador and Colombia and was felt as far away as San Francisco.
  • 9.0 Russia

    9.0 Russia
    A quake off the coast of the remote Kamchatka peninsula in Russia's far east caused Pacific-wide tsunamis
  • 9.5 Chile

     9.5 Chile
    May 5, 1960. A quake off the coast of southern Chile killed more than 1,600 people and left 2,000,000 homeless.
  • 9.2 Alaska

    9.2 Alaska
    A quake and tsunami killed 128 people and caused severe damage to the state's largest city Anchorage.
  • 8.7 Alaska

    8.7 Alaska
    A quake in the remote Rat Islands generated a tsunami reported to be 10 metres high.
  • 9.1 Indonesia

    9.1 Indonesia
    An undersea quake caused a massive tsunami that devastated coastlines in countries around the Indian Ocean, ultimately killing more than 220,000 people.
  • 8.8 Chile

    8.8 Chile
    An offshore quake and tsunami killed more than 500 people, most in the coastal area of Maule, 400 kilometres south-west of the capital Santiago.
  • 8,9 Japan

    8,9 Japan
    An undersea quake off northeast Japan unleashed a 10-metre-high tsunami which left devastation in its wake.