Laparoscopic Surgery

  • First Laparoscopic Procedure (Documented)

    While there are reports of Laparoscopic Surgeries ranging as far back as 1806, in 1901 George Kelling did the first documented case. In this case he filled an animals stomach with air using a hollow tube so that he could see inside, thus the creation of the Trochar!
  • First Human Procedure

    Hans Christian Jacobaeus does the first documented procedure on humans. He perfoms a laparoscopic tubal tying for birth control. At this time though Laparoscopic surgeries are still thought to be inferior. (Which they probably were, would be hard to see what you were doing.)
  • First "Scopes"

    A French company comes up with a new technique for light and vision flow utilizing a small metal tube and a quartz rod that runs the length of it, ie a rudimetary scope!
  • First Appy

    In 1983 the first laparoscopic appendectomy is peformed and laparoscopic surgeries are here to stay. It is at this time that the less invasive surgeries are being heralded as the way of the future.
  • First Actual Lap Chole

    Muhe of Germany does the actual first laparoscopic cholecystectomy, however, due to poor publicity other doctors are credited with the first lap chole.
  • First Publicized Lap Chole

    Mouret of France is cited with the first Lap Chole, however, this is just because he is the firstr publicized doctor for it.
  • Laparoscopic Fundoplication

    Gaega does the first laparoscopic fundiplication for acid reflux. This continues to solidate the role of laparoscopic surgeries.
  • NIH Ruling

    The National Institute of Health comes out and says that doing cholecystectomies laparoscopically is now the prefferred method of surgery. This ruling makes laparocopic surgeries here to stay and creates a new niche for reimbursement.
  • Transgastic Appy

    First transgastric appy is done in India. (This is where they go through the stomach instead of the outside of your belly.)
  • Natural Site Surgery

    First "natural site surgery" is done in the USA. This is where they are no external scars visible since they have gone though your bellybutton or mouth for a surgical site.
  • Single Port Robotic Surgery

    Intuitive systems is coming out with a new single port system for robotic surgeries, a splitoff of laparoscopic surgeries, where all three scopes will go through a port (again, like the bellybutton) so that there will be less trauma to the body.