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Lana del Rey's timeline

  • Lana's Birth

    Lana's Birth
    Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (Lana del Rey) was born in Lake Placid, New York on June 21, 1986. She is of Scottish descent. She is the daughter of Internet domain investor Rob Grant and Patricia Grant,a former Grey account executive. She has two younger brothers, Charlie Grant and the photographer, Caroline Grant.
  • Elizabeth's growth

    Elizabeth's growth
    Del Rey grew up in Lake Placid, New York until age 15 when she was sent to Kent School, a boarding school in Connecticut, for three years to deal with her alcohol dependence. Around age 18, she headed to the Bronx to attend Fordham University.
  • Elizabeth in New York

    Elizabeth in New York
    After she finished the college, when she was 18, She moved up to New York city where he began to study for metaphysics at Fordham University. While in the city, his uncle taught him to play guitar, and that Elizabeth used to start writing songs and soon started performing in the clubs of Brooklyn.
  • The beginning of a Star

    The beginning of a Star
    A year before graduating from Fordham University, a record company offered her a contract, which she accepted.The first works of the singer were mostly as Kill Kill EP (2008) and digital download albums, which she and her label sent to producers get interested in collaborating. At that time, she wasn't called Lana del Rey, her artistic name was Lizzy Grant
  • Her album "Born to Die"

    Her album "Born to Die"
    Del Rey was signed with Stranger Records label to release their first single "Video Games" from the album "Born to Die." This was uploaded to your YouTube account on August 19, 2011, directed and edited by the artist herself, who recorded herself with a webcam and met old videos taken from internet to do so.
  • More songs (Blue Jeans, Carmen, etc)

    More songs (Blue Jeans, Carmen, etc) After After all the publicity "Video Games" obtained. Elizabeth wrote more songs like Blue Jeans, Carmen, Born to Die (as the name of the album) and National Anthem. During 2012, Born to Die sold 3.4 million copies worldwide, with which he became the fifth best-selling album for that year.
  • Starting gain awards

    Starting gain awards
    Her first awards were obtained in the ECHO Awards, winning "International Female Solo Artist" & "Best song National / International" and in the next year, at the same awards, She won: "International female solo artist" (again) & "Best Rock/Pop artist". In 2012, at Brit Awards, she won all the awards she was nominated for: "International Female Solo Artist". She couldn't get nominated for an Oscar and win a Grammy.
  • Working in movies

    Working in movies
    The first song Lana Del Rey who participated in the soundtrack was "Young and Beautiful" which was written for the film "The Great Gatsby". "Born to Die" was used in a recent film "Gimme shelter" recently remade the famous Disney song "Once Upon a Dream" for the new Disney film "Maleficent" with Angelina Jolie. Actually, she will write a song for the soundtrack for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1"
  • Tropico

    "Tropico" a recent short film that premiered in 2013. It's starring for Lana del Rey and the model, Shaun Ross, this short story focuses on the exile of Adam and Eve in the real world. This it contains songs of the album Paradise EP as "Bel Air," "Gods and monster" & "Body Electric". On the night of the premiere, she announced that she will release her new album "Ultraviolence" on May 1, 2014.
  • "Ultraviolence" & other projects

    "Ultraviolence" & other projects
    Actually, she's going to work in her new álbum for 2014 "Ultraviolence" because she said that this new álbum is "so good" that makes her forget the previous, "I'm in crush with this disc, I have this romantic feeling to it" - said.
    Lana will be playing the following US shows in April because she wants to gain more publicity for her new album coming out soon and she is going to write a song for the soundtrack to "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1"