Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra was born on July 2, 1969 in Lng Beach California.
  • First pregnancy.

    First pregnancy.
    In 1984, at age 15, Jenni became pregnant with her boyfriend José Trinidad Marín Quintero
  • Birth of his first daughter

    Birth of his first daughter
    He had his first daughter, Janney Marin Rivera, June 26, 1985.
  • Jenni and her second daughter.

    Jenni and her second daughter.
    Jenni had a second daughter "Jaqueline" in 1989
  • His only son.

    His only son.
    Jenni became pregnant for the third time and had her son Trinidad Angelo in the year of 1991.
  • Career starts.

    Career starts.
    In 1991, Jenni started working at Cintas Aquarius, his father's record label.
  • Association with brothers.

    Association with brothers.
    In 1992, along with his brothers Pedro, Gustavo and Juan, he began recording traditional songs of the Mexican Regional Genre. The brothers called their group La Güera Rivera with Banda.
  • Separation.

    Jenni separated from her partner in 1992.
  • La Chacalosa.

    La Chacalosa.
    In January 1995, he recorded La Chacalosa, a studio album that began to attract public attention in Los Angeles and its surroundings because it contained corridos and narcocorridos
  • Juan López.

    Juan López.
    On February 25, 1995, he met Juan López in a bar, with whom he began a courtship that ended in engagement. Shortly after living together, the US authorities detained Lopez on the charge of passing illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States; He was sentenced to six months in prison.
  • Marriage

    After Juan regained his freedom, in 1997, Jenni became pregnant for the fourth time, and married Juan López.
  • Birth of his fourth daughter

    Birth of his fourth daughter
    After hearing about the sexual abuse by his ex-partner Trinidad Marin to his sister Rosie and his own daughters, Rivera filed a restraining order towards him. The tensions caused Rivera a labor advance and her daughter Jenicka was born on October 3, 1997.
  • Contract.

    In January 2000, he signed a contract with the record label Fonovisa and recorded That they bury me with the band, the first disc of their official discography recorded with a band, which included "Las malandrinas", "Let a ray split it" and "I only know of love », songs written by herself
  • The contract ends.

    At the end of 2003, Jenni Rivera's contract with Fonovisa ends and is not renewed by the label, so independently, Jenni prepared an album entirely in English within the R&B genre of which she only managed to record six tracks, while giving to the task of finding another label.
  • Parrandera, rebel and daring

    Parrandera, rebel and daring
    On September 20, 2005 Rivera presents his next studio album, Parrandera, rebel and daring, which allowed him to make himself fully known in Mexico.
  • My crazy life and Jenni

    My crazy life and Jenni
    On March 20, 2007 he presented Mi vida loca, ninth studio album of his career. In the following weeks the album was positioned as number 2 of the Top Latin Albums
  • The great lady.

    The great lady.
    In October 2009, the promotion of his record material The great lady with whom he returned to ranchera music began, with the collaboration of Paulina Rubio a new version of the theme "Neither roses nor toys" in band.
  • Death.

    He died on December 9, 2012 in a plane crash.
  • His book.

    His book.
    For years she worked on the realization of her autobiography, and although she never finished it, her family completed it and turned it into a book. On July 2, 2013, Unbreakable went on sale, becoming the best selling book in the New York Times.