KS, What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell, Fiction, 284 pages

  • Chapter 1-10, 67 pages

    Right before school starts Evie's stepfather Joe proposed that the family take a vacation to Palm Beach, Evie hopes to meet boys and get a taste of growing up since her mother shelters her. They leave Joe's mother, Grandma Glad behind. When they get there the place is almost deserted, so they have to stay in a tiny hotel where they meet the Grayson's and the glorious Peter who Evie falls for right away. Tensions seem to be rising in the family with increasd intoxication Pages 1-67, total= 1084.
  • Chapter 10-21, 89

    Mr. Grayson and Joe decide to become business together and buy the hotel they are staying in. Evie is hurt when Peter tells her he'd be glad to be a brother figure to her since she is 15, and he is 23. Peter checks out of the hotel to stay in a house outside of town, and he starts taking Evie and her mom on dates. Peter kisses Evie for the first time and Evie notices that her mother isn't at her golf lessons anymore. Joe fights Peter over Evie and Evie goes to his house.Pages 67-156, total= 1173
  • Chapter 21- 30, 68 pges

    When Evie goes to check up on Peter, he tells her about the war and they kiss. Evie's mother finds them and yells, throwing an ash tray that cuts Evie's eye. Beverly tells Evie that they can never see Peter like that agian. There is a storm coming when the Grayson's get kicked out for being Jewish. Evie and Beverly are having a falling out after the incident. A hurricane is coming and Joe insists that he, Bev, and Peter go. They get lost in the storm.Pages 156-224, total=1241
  • Chapter 30- End, 60 pages

    When the hurricane is over Bev and Joe come back saying that Peter fell over board and died. Petre had lied about himself to them because he really only followed them to Palm Beach because Joe owed him money. The family goes to court. It turns out that Beverly and Peter were having an affair all along and used Evie as a cover.Evie lies for her family to win the case. Evie apologizes to Arlene and realizes that her family will never be the same, because she has changed.Pages 224- 284, total= 1301