(KS) The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, Fantasy, 308 pages

  • Chapter 1-12, 107 pages

    Mary lives in village surrounded by a fence that keeps out the zombies that hunger for the inhabitants. Her father was turned, and her mother was driven to get bitten too in grief. Once her mother died, her brother sent her to become a nun, because the one she loves is betrothed to her friend, and the one who loves her never asked for her hand. They though they were the only village left, but then an outsider comes.

    Pages 1-107, total= 107
  • Chapter 12-24, 102 pages

    The nuns kept the outsider a secret but Mary found out, and when the girl shows up as a zombie at the fence, Mary knows the nuns are keeping secrets. The fence is breeched and only Mary, her brother, her best friend, and the two men that love her. They escape on a path they find and after many days come to another village. They think it is deserted untill zombies chase them in to a house were they are trapped for many days. Pages 107-209, total= 209
  • Chapter 24-End, 101 pages

    The safe house is breached and they have to find a way out. Travis is bitten and Mary has to kill him. They leave and find the first gate, but there is only one problem: there is no path leading away from it. Mary knows it leads to the ocean but only her brother follows her. Her brother dies in the escape but Mary reaches the ocean. She finally has the time to grieve. Pages 209-310, total= 310 pages