(KS) Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen, non-fiction, 168 pages

  • Chapter 1-13, 53 pages

    The reader meets the doctor who put the main character ,Susanna, in the McLean hospital for the insane. They also meet Polly the burnt girl, Lisa the strong minded, sleep deprived leader, Jim Watson (readers don't know his role yet), Daisy the chicken eating, laxative loving suicide, and the Martian's girlfriend the hermaphrodite. The reader also learns about how the hospital works and how Susanna decided she was going to kill herself (and failed). Pages 1-53, total= 249 pages
  • Chapter 13-30, 87 pages

    The reader learns about the restrictions of being in the hospital including the clockwork checks, shaving supervision, the lack of prvacy, and the health care they recieve. Susanna provides her proof of sanity to the reader by explaining the two types of insanity, and her experiences with them. The reader meets Valerie, the therapist, Torrey, Lisa Cody, and Alice Calais. The reader learns about what it take for a patient to get a job and marry. Pages 53-140 pages, total=336 pages.
  • Chapter 30-34 (End), 28 pages

    Susanna explains how her condition and her hospitalization didnt make her who she was, but rather changed her outlook. She moved on in life, grew up, and decided what she wanted. Pages 140-168, total=364