• begining korn

    begining korn
    korn first began in 1993 when singer jothan davis decided to creat a band, the band consist of a sing, a gutarist, a base player and a drummer. they have been active since 1993
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  • korn

    korn released their first album. they wanted their first album to repesent hate and pain, because that is what singer was dealing with at the time.
  • korn take a look in the mirror

    korn take a look in the mirror
    at this piont korn had become one of the most reconized bands in the u.s. with that in mind they made another album to tell people about how jothan davis (singer) and his addiction to drugs.
  • korn follow the leader.

    korn follow the leader.
    in this point in time, korn had stared to get followers and people who thought of them as their god. so davis and monkey (basses) edcied to make an album about his so called warship.
  • korn issues

    korn issues
    korn had done alot of conserts and showes. davis decided to make an album with his favorite singer amy lee (singer for evanescence).
  • korn untouchables.

    korn untouchables.
    jothan likes to express his felings and thoughts into him musim. he made this album because of hate and anger. he made this album beause he felt bad for the little kids who got raped.
  • korn see you on the other side.

    korn see you on the other side.
    after winning a prize and selling over 100 million albums world wide, they made another album about the struggles in their career.
  • korn greatest hits.

    korn greatest hits.
    korn got to be so fanous that a record company decided to make them a greatest hits album.
  • korn live and rare

    korn live and rare
    korn even made a album when the went on tours.
  • korn the path to totaltalitie

    korn the path to totaltalitie
    after taking a break ofr a while and thinking of some songs, korn just came out with their newest album. they are still making albums and songs.