Korean war

By kte1995
  • Stalin agreed on invasion plans of North korea (Superpowers manipulating local leaders)

    Responsible for the Korean war. Superpowers manipulating local leaders.
  • Start of Korean war (Cold war conflict)

    Soviets are fighting for their benefits, US sees the start of the war as sovier expansionism. Both Soviets and North korea was responsible for the start of the war
  • US joined the war ( Cold war conflict)

    Joined to repel against soviet expansionism
  • US entered North Korea

    Truman change his original war aim of containment to expelling communists out of North Korea. Responsible for the prolonging of the conflict
  • China joined the war (Regional conflict)

    China was scared that US will intrude into their land, thus it joined the fight to push back US troops
  • General Macarthur was relieved from duty (Cold war conflict)

    Truman fired Macarthur because Macarthur did not want to fight a limited war. The korean war is treated as a limited war which highlights its place within the larger Cold war
  • Peacetalks began (Superpowers manipulating local leaders)

    Soviet Union was influencing negotiations from far by using Mao and Kim
  • Truce at 38th parallel

    North Korea and South Korea stopped fighting