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Korean War: 1950-1953

  • Dividing Korea

    Dividing Korea
    After WWII, Japan surrendered all the land it conquered, Korea was divided between the Soviet Union and the United States. The Soviets claimed the communist North. The US gained the capitalist South. The boundaries were drawn at the 38th Parallel. The division was official on May, 17th, 1945.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    This was a speech by President Harry Truman in response to the Greek civil war. It was also concerned Soviet activity involved with affairs between Turkey and Greece. Truman promised to help with any communist threats towards any nation. He knew they had to prevent communism from spreading worldwide due to the loss of individual rights. This doctrine also hints at the term of "Containment" in terms of preventing communist spread.
  • The North Invades

    The North Invades
    After the Unite States' Congress veto the Korean Aid Bill, North Korea(with the Soviet Union's permission) invades the southern half of the peninsula. The South Korean army was unable to stop them due to being incomplete and unsystematic in their attack. They captured Seoul(South Korean capital) by the 28th of June. UN troops and recaptured Seoul on September 22-25th. The UN condemned North Korea for the invasion on November 30th.
  • Summer of Terror

    Summer of Terror
    South Korean President Syngman Rhee orders his troops to kill anyone who were suspected of sympathizing or helping communists. Over 100,000(mostly political prisoners, communist synthesizers, and civilians) were executed. None of the victims even had the right to due process or a proper court hearing. The victims were just arrested by the police and shortly executed by gunshot. The British forces stepped in to save many others and prevent any further damage.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

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  • Send In The Troops!

    Send In The Troops!
    On the 27th of June, Truman sends US troops to aid South Korea. He did this to prevent communism from taking over the entire peninsula. Chinese forces(dubbed the People's Volunteer Army) came in support of North Korea in October. The Chinese and North Koreans pushed the American and South Korean armies across the 38th Parallel as they advanced. By August, more than 90% of the peninsula has been conquered.
  • US loses at Osan

    US loses at Osan
    A ragtag ground maneuvering unit known as "Task Force Smith" was ordered to blockade North Korean advancement towards the south. The North Koreans came in with Soviet-manufactured tanks and vehicles. These Soviet technologies proved too overwhelming for Task Forces Smith's WWII era weapons. The battle ended with large casualties on US troops. They were left with no choice but to retreat. North Korean forces then advance to Daejeon and push the UN troops 100 miles further southbound from Seoul.
  • US Retreat to Pusan Perimeter

    US Retreat to Pusan Perimeter
    At this point of the war, about 90% or more of the Korean peninsula had been conquered by North Korean communists. After their loss at Osan, US and South Korean troops retreated near the city of Pusan and set up a defense base. The journey took them about a month. They had to share what little room there was and went through six weeks worth of North Korean attacks. To buy time for planning a counterattack, General MacArthur and his troops had to prevent any breaches in defenses.
  • Battle of Inch'on

    Battle of Inch'on
    Using amphibious vehicles and the element of surprise, US Marines strategically landed at the port city of Inch'on. Due to a narrow channel and extreme tides, North Koreans never expected any battling in that area. The UN forces pushed through North Korean defenses and recapture Seoul on the 22-25th of September.
  • Operation: "Home By Christmas"

    Operation: "Home By Christmas"
    By October 20th the UN forces have made it to Pyongyang, North Korea. The soldiers are excited and are now drawing up bets on when they will soon return home victorious. MacArthur even promised that they'd be home in time for Christmas. However, five days later, Chinese forces have crossed the Yalu river at night and ambush an unprepared and exhausted US/South Korean unit. On the 24th of November, UN forces reach Yalu but are attacked by North Korean and Chinese forces and are forced to retreat.
  • Seoul Captured Again

    Seoul Captured Again
    The "Home by Christmas" offensive left the UN and South Koreans defeated and severely outnumbered. UN troops had to retreat after battling from November 26-30th at the Ch'ongch'on River, 1950. On the 4th on January the following year, UN forces evacuated from the cities of Seoul and Inch'on. They were attacked by the Chinese and North Korean armies and had no choice but to withdraw and Seoul was captured again. the UN troops went south of the Han River and built up a defensive position.
  • MacArthur Dismissed

    MacArthur Dismissed
    General Douglas MacArthur wanted to have the US bomb China and even to send troops. China was very involved with helping the North Koreans, he knew that China's actions shouldn't go unpunished. President Harry Truman knew that if they bombed China, the war would become a WWIII. Truman fired MacArthur for insubordination on April 11th because he bluntly ignored Truman's warnings to keep his opinions personal. Truman didn't want to waste any more American lives or jeopardize free word liberties.
  • Operation: Ripper

    Operation: Ripper
    Also known as the fourth battle of Seoul, Operation Ripper was used to wipe out a large percentage of the Communist troops of China and North Korea. The UN also wanted to recapture Seoul by having troops fight at the 38th parallel instead of crossing the Han River. Their plan was also used to ultimately outmaneuver the enemy. Launched on the 6th of March, they captured the cities of Ch'unch'on and Hongch'on. The attack was successful and Seoul was recaptured again by the UN on March 14-15th.
  • Period: to

    Korean War Stalemate

    Starting on July 10th, 1951, there was a period of time in the war that consisted of stalemates and negotiating between the UN and North Korea. Though many battles have been fought, neither side could gain ground and nothing was progressing. Each side ended up with almost equal damages and casualties from every battle. This stalemate would last until the war's end on July 27th, 1953. Silence fell on the battlefield and by 22:00(10 p.m.), no longer were shots fired.
  • Eisenhower Takes Office

    Eisenhower Takes Office
    Truman left Presidency due to being unable to enact many of his domestic promises as well as some scandals involving staff members causing him to be labeled as ineffectively weak. Truman's popularity decreased to below 30% by the end of his presidency. Dwight Eisenhower wins office on November 4th of the 1952 Presidential Elections. He defeated his fellow candidate Senator Adlai Stevenson mostly due his service in WWII. Voters believed he would be strong enough to stand up against communism.
  • Battle on Pork Chop Hill

    Battle on Pork Chop Hill
    On the 23rd of March, 1953, Chinese troops seized Old Baldy, an outpost nearby Pork Chop Hill(named because it looked like a pork chop on the map). On the night of April 16th, a sudden attack from Chinese troops and was quickly conquered. This battle was controversial due to killing soldiers only over territory and had no valuable strategy or tactics. the UN won the April battle due to Chinese forfeit on the 18th. However, the Chinese finally got the hill on July 11th after UN forces withdrew.
  • Truce of Armistice

    Truce of Armistice
    On the 27th of July, nearly two years of fighting that left 178,405 killed and 32.925 missing/unaccounted for. North and South Korea agree on Armistice(they stop fighting). However they never officially signed a peace treaty so technically they are still at war but in a "ceasefire" state. Neither country agreed to reunite with the other so to this day they are divided at the 38th parallel that now is known as the Korean DMZ(Demilitarized Zone).