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korean war

By JW3138
  • the start of division on the peninsula

    the start of division on the peninsula
    38th parallel American admistartors divided the pennisula along the 38th parallel. During this time U.S military forces were ocupying the southern half while the soviet military forces were occupying the northern half. The 38th parallel that divides north and south Korea apart.
  • Period: to

    korean war

  • elections

    The postwar planners intended that the division between North and South Korea would be a temporary solution. After the war the United Nations agreed to oversee elections in the North and South.The hopes that it would lead to the nation of Korea under a democratically elected government. But the Soviet Union blocked the elections in its section and instead, supported Kim sung as leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .
  • Fail

    They failed to hold free elections throughout the Korean pennisula.North Korea established a communist government, while South Korea established a nominally democratic government. The 38 parallel became a political border between the two Korean states. Although tension was still there even with the division.
  • 1949

    stuff Under a UN agreement, both the Soviet Union and the United States got rid of there their military forces from Korea. But both left large numbers of advisors on the peninsula. The two sides were to continue there elections to reunify the country and although the United States preferred that the resulting government not be communist. It was still not prepared to commit the militarily to preventing that outcome.
  • Contain

    The U.S. and the other nations that were involved struggled to contain North Korea's fast-moving army. They had to assemble the forces necessary to defeat it. they also had to begin responses to what was seen as a global military challenge from the Communist world.
  • it starts

    it starts
    Noth Korea invaded South Korea. Becuase of the invasion it started open warfare. In 1950 the Soviet union boycotted United Nations Security Council.The United states and other countries passed a secuirty council resolution authorizing military intervention in Korea. This is also the day when things got really bad.
  • Truman

    Truman Was the president at this time.He authorized the use of American land,sea, and air forces in Korea. A week later United Nations placed 15 member under U.S command. Douglas MacArthur was suprme commander.
  • first 2 weeks

    first 2 weeks
    The first to weeks of the war wasent that bad but it got bad really fast. They sent South Korea and a small American force to southest tip of Korea. By September 15 they made a very scary landing on the west coast.North Korean forces fell behind and MacArthur received orders to pursue them into North Korea.
  • invasion

    http://www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/history/korean-war.html#ixzz2NWf9XP8n' >invasion </a> A very scary invasion fractured the North Korean war machine. In the folloeing two moths UN armies pushed through North Korea. The UN was throw back midway into South Korea.
  • capital

    This was the day the North Korean capital was captured. By november 24th North korean forces were driven by the 8th army. Edward Almond marked the border of comunist China.
  • counter attack

    counter attack
    While MacArthur prepared for a final offensive, the Chinese Communists joined with the North Koreans to launch a successful counterattack. The UN troops were forced back. In Jan of 1951 the Communists again advanced into the South, recapturing Seoul, the South Korean capital.
  • more 38th paralell

    more 38th paralell
    After months of hard work and lots of fighting the conflict retutrned again to the 38th paralell, it was from the rest of the war. MacAurther wanted another invasion of North Korea. On this date they removed MacAurther as commander and relaced him with Gen. Mathew B Ridgeway was commander in cheif.
  • keep fighting

    keep fighting
    The front lines were where they were 12 months earlier. Negotiations began there hopes that an early truce could be arranged. But this took two more very hard years. During that the contending forces fought on with the U.S navy providing air and gun fire support.It was a constant threat.
  • little things

    little things
    Ridgway agreed to negotiate with the North Koreans and Chinese. But little things countiued. Gen. Van Fleet was denied permission to go on the offensive and end the war.
  • war ended

    war ended
    <a href='http://www.google.com When the armistice agreement was signed war ended. They fixed the border between the Koreas near the 38th parallel and created the Korean Demilitarized Zone , a 2.5-mile wide buffer zone between North Koreans and the South Koreans.