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North Korea

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  • North Korea Ballistic Missile Launch

    North Korea Ballistic Missile Launch
    North Korea surprised the world and successfully launched a ballistic missile named Kwangmyongsong 3-2. They claimed it was to launch a satellite into orbit for peaceful purposes.
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    North Korea

  • UNSC Sanctions

    The United Nations Security Council responded to the launch of a North Korean missile with tougher economic sanctions. They also condemed the launch and warned North Korea against anymore testing.
  • Korean News Agency's Response to Recent Events

    Jim Jong Un's Korea News Agency responded to new sanctions with several statements. The statements claimed North Korea would ignore the sanctions, continue to become a superpower, continue testing, and buildup defenses.
  • North Korea Responds to Sanctions

    North Korea responds to tougher sanctions levied by the UNSC. They threatened to jump start their nuclear testing to arm their new ballistic missiles.
  • U.S. Drills with Interceptors in California

    U.S. Drills with Interceptors in California
    The United States drilled with interceptors missile defense systems in California.
  • Conference Call

    Secretary of State John Kerry, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishidu and South Korea's Kim Sung Hwan warned North Korea not to test nuclear weapons. In their conference call they said, "(the North) will face significant consequences from the international community if it continues its provocative behavior."
  • Joint U.S. and South Korean Naval Drills

    The U.S. and South Korea began joint naval drills around the Korean Peninsula. The drills angered North Korea, who also expressed concern over B-2 bombers stationed in Guam.
  • Propaganda Video of the United States in Flames

    Propaganda Video of the United States in Flames
    North Korea let the world know of its intentions through a video published by the state owned news outlet. The video featured a man dreaming of flying into space and shooting a missile at New York that destroys Manhattan. The entire video is eerily set to Michael Jackson's "We are the World." The video was pulled from Youtube following copyright infringement filed by Activision.
  • Nuclear Test

    Nuclear Test
    North Korea successfully tested a nuclear weapon near P'unnggye, the site of the last two nuclear test in 2006 and 2009. The test measured in a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that scientist say equals a 6-7 kiloton bomb at one kilometer deep. The Un Administration said the test proved they had smaller and lighter bombs with a bigger explosion, a necessary steps towards arming a missile.
  • The World Reacts to the Nuclear Test

    Leaders across the globe spoke out against North Korea's nuclear testing. South Korea called it an 'unforgiveable threat" while Japan, Russia, Australia, France and Germany also spoke out. President Obama released a statement calling it "provocative."
  • Nuclear Testing Sites Under Construction

    The U.S. Korean Institute at John Hopkins saw activity on satellite images near the site of the recent nuclear test. The activity validated fears of a fourth or fifth test. Pyongyang also reported to Bejiing they were preparing for more test.
  • Celebration

    The scientist and engineers that built and detonated the nuclear bomb were paraded around the country with a large rally in Pyongyang. The scientist are being treated as national symbols of hope.
  • Rodman and Un: Best Friends Forever

    Rodman and Un: Best Friends Forever
    Former NBA and Harlem Globetrotters super star Dennis Rodman took a trip to North Korea. The basketball star was filming a documentary for HBO but had time to catch a game at Ryungyong Jong Yong Gymnasium where he met Kim Jong Un. The two sat together and became very good friends.
  • Foal Eagle

    Foal Eagle
    10,000 U.S. forces participated in military exercises in South Korea.
  • North Korea's Threat

    North Korea threatened to nullify the decades old armistice agreement. It was signed in 1952 to end the Korean War.
  • U.S. Resolution

    U.S. Resolution
    U.S. Ambassador Rice issued a resolution outlining new sanctions in response to North Korea's nuclear test. It targeted luxury goods such as yachts, jewelry and precious metals.
  • Cyber Attacks in North Korea

    North Korean News Agency reported wide spread cyber attacks in the region. They blamed the United States and our allies.
  • Key Resolve Military Exercise

    Key Resolve Military Exercise
    10,000 South Koreans and 3,500 U.S. troops will participate in joint military drills.
  • North Korean Threats

    North Korea warned of preemptive strike against the U.S. and South Korea following new sanctions.
  • U.S. Using Sniffer Planes

    The U.S. has been using sniffer planes to test air samples above the nuclear test site for radiation leakage. Scientiest worry the leakage could have long lasting and far reaching effects.
  • Cyber Attack Retaliation

    Cyber Attack Retaliation
    South Korea reported widespread cyber attacks crippling over 32,000 media and financial companies. The IP addresses of the attackers was traced to the North Korea/China border.
  • Un Tests Flak Rockets

    Un Tests Flak Rockets
    North Korea tested new flak rockets designed to take out hostile missiles. The tests were in a response to the U.S.'s B-52 Bombers deployed in the region.
  • Key Resolve Ends

    Key Resolve Ends
    Operation Key Resolve ends pulling back the U.S.'s 3,500 troops.
  • North Korean Nuclear Factory

    North Korean Nuclear Factory
    North Korea announced plans to rebuild and restart an old nuclear complex. The complex had been disabled after six party talks in October of 2007. Un claims the sites will be used for nuclear powered electricity plants and nuclear bomb testing.
  • North Korean Threat

    North Korea threatened to attack the U.S. with "smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear force"
  • Kaesong Industrial Complex

    Kaesong Industrial Complex
    North Korea locked out thousands of South Korean workers at the Kaesong Industrial Complex. The complex lies on the North Korean side of the demilitarized zone and is the last vestige of North and South economic cooperation.
  • Potential Provocations

    Potential Provocations
    Washington responded to recent tensions by sending ballistic missile systems to military bases in Guam. This came as communication intercepts show Un was preparing to launch mobile ballistic missiles for testing or a strike.
  • China's Gains

    China's Gains
    China's President Xi Jinping spoke out against its ally North Korea and said, "No country should be allowed to throw a region into chaos for selfish gain." Fidel Castro also said tensions have made the world the closest its been to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Kaesong Complex

    Kim Yong Gon, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Worker's Party in North Korea issued a statement regarding the closing of the Kaesong Industrial Complex. The complex is a joint North and South Korean economic endeavor with over 50,000 North Korean Workers. Gon warned South Korea to not use "U.S. special forces" in the area to rescue hostages at the complex. He also announced the entire complex will be closed until the peninsula's tensions have eased.
  • World's Reaction

    World's Reaction
    In response to North Korea's mobilization of Musudan and other missiles, world leaders have scrambled to take action. Japan has ordered dozens of missile defense systems into Tokyo, China has canceled many North Korean tours and the U.S. has positioned missile defense systems across the Pacific.
  • Musudan Missile Raised

    Musudan Missile Raised
    One of North Korea's Musudan missiles was raised on April 11th as either a test of its mobility or a provocation. The missile can reach as far as Japan.
  • North Korean Demands

    North Korean Demands
    North Korea released its demands for an end to the hostile engagements that have been plaguging the region since its successful launch of a ballistic missile. The demands state that the U.S. and South Korea end all military exercises (Foal Eagle and Key Resolve), and lift all sanctions imposed on the country.
  • Foal Eagle Ends

    Foal Eagle Ends
    Operation Foal Eagle, touting 10,000 U.S. soldiers in a joint military drill with South Korea, has ended. It is an annual event that further angered North Korea this year.