North Korean Nuclear Program

  • North stops long range missile program

    North Korea promises to stop their long range missile program if they are given funding for two nuclear reactors.
  • North threatens nuclear weapons

    North Korea is unhappy with the progress on the nuclear reactor and threatens to restart their nuclear weapons program unless al sanctions are removed.
  • North Korea labelled "Axis of Evil"

    President Bush labels North Korea along with Iran and Iraq as the "axis of evil". He says that they will be held accountable for their weapons and threats on other nations.
  • North Korea restarts their nuclear program

    North Korea pulls out of their agreement with many countries called the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. They reactivate their nuclear power facilities and began to test fire missiles.
  • North Korea test fires six missiles

    North Korea test fires six long range missiles which are capable of reaching the western coast of the United States. The missile's rocket fails after less than a minute, but the US is enraged.
  • Successful nuclear weapon test

    North Korea claims that they have successfully tested a nuclear weapon underground. The United Nations responds by making economic sanctions (refusing to do business with, fining, or otherwise punishing a country using economic means) and requiring that North Korea stop immediately. North Korea refuses and walks out of the UN Security Council.
  • Agreements made to disarm

    North Korea agrees to shut down their main reactor and disable their facilities. They agree to let US tech experts lead them in doing so
  • North Korea says it will start again

    North Korea threatens to start restoring their nuclear facilities if the U.S. doesn't remove them from a list of terrorist countries. The US removes them.
  • North Korea cannot launch satellite

    The U.S. refuses to allow North Korea to launch a satellite because of the terms of the 2006 agreement on missiles
  • Second underground nuclear test

    North Korea conducts its second underground nuclear test
  • Satellite dilemma

    Following a declaration that they would be sending a satellite into orbit in March, they launch the satellite in April and it falls apart before leaving Earth. In December they announce another attempt and successfully launch it.
  • U.N. extends sanctions

    The U.N. approves continuing sanctions of North Korea as a result of their satellite launch. North Korea says that they plan to do a new nuclear test, and launch more long range rockets
  • 3rd Nuclear test

    There are reports of seismic activity of up to 4.9 on the Richter scale in North Korea. Officials confirm that they have successfully tested a thrid nuclear device.
  • Mid-Range Missiles Test

    North Korea test fires mid-range missiles
  • N and S exchange fire in the ocean

    North and South Korea fire upon each other at the disputed western sea border. Although the shells land harmlessly in the water, tensions are high.
  • Small enough to launch???

    South Korean experts announce that North Korea may have successfully modified nuclear warheads to fit on ballistic missiles. This would make them actually capable of attack, or able to sell them to other hostile nations.
  • Threat of another nuclear test

    After the UN threatens to prosecute North Korean leaders for human rights abuses, North Korea threatens to conduct another nuclear test.
  • Soldier kills Chinese civilians

    A North Korean soldier crossed the border into China and killed several people. Although it is believed that the soldier was searching for food, this makes relations between the two countries more tense.
  • Short Range Missiles fired

    North Korea launched 5 short range missiles off of the coast of South Korea
  • North Korea- Can Hit the U.S.?

    North Korea announces that it is capable of striking the U.S. and will if provoked
  • Mini Nukes?

    North Korea states that they have successfully miniaturized a nuclear weapon. The U.S. is doubtful of the claim.
  • Hydrogen Bomb?

    North Korea claims to have successfully deteonated a hydrogen bomb. The claim comes after another statement that they are ready to use nuclear weapons at "any time", calls from the US for more sanctions, and preparations for a 4th test.
  • Missile Launch

    South Korea reports that North Korea has fired a missile into space, defying restrictions placed by the U.N.
  • Hardest Sanctions Ever

    The U.N. Security Council agreed to impose new sanctions, the most strict ever, against North Korea. This is a result of their latest nuclear test and missile launce, both of which violate current restrictions in place on North Korea. They continue to refuse to negotiate.
  • 5th Nuclear Test

    North Korea detonates it's 5th and most powerful nuclear test to date.
  • Fire and Fury

    US President Donald Trump threats to attack North Korea with a "fire and fury like the world has never seen" if they continue to provoke the US
  • Threat to Guam

    North Korea publicly discusses the possibility of attacking the US territory of Guam
  • Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch

    North Korea launches a missile with a range far enough to hit the United States
  • N and S Korea Agree to send a Unified Olympic Team

    North and South Korea agree to send a team to the Winter Olympics in South Korea under one flag representing both groups.
  • First Summit between North Korea and US

    US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un meet in a historic summit to talk about denuclearization for North Korea. They agree on vague terms and pledge to meet again soon to continue the discussion
  • Second Nuclear Summit

    President Trump and Kim Jong Un meet in Vietnam to continue their discussion about de-nuclearization for North Korea. The North demands that all sanctions be lifted. The 2 leaders reached no new agreements and left the summit early.