Korean War

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  • Japanese Rule

    The Japanese annexed the Korean peninsula and took it as there own.
  • 38th Parallel

    38th Parallel
    After WW2 the US and Soviets both took Korea from Japan and met each other halfway at the 38th parallel.
  • Non-Free Elections

    In the south they tried to hold free elections but they were extremely rigged putting Snygman Rhee in power.
  • Communist North

    In the North the soviets put Kim Il Sung in power as a communist dictator.
  • Mao Zedong Takes power in China

    Mao Zedong Takes power in China
    The communists won the civil war in china putting Mao Zedong in power.
  • North Korean Invasion

    The North Korean army was uch stronger than the souths so they invaded.
  • Incheon

    The US sent troops to Incheon and captured it and then Seol from there.
  • Pyongyang Captured

    Pyongyang Captured
    MacArthur took Pyongyang after taking back Seol
  • China crosses Yalu river

    China crosses Yalu river
    China crossed the YAlu river and entered the war,
  • MacArthur fired

    MacArthur fired
    MacArthur was fired for not respecting Truman and trying to ignore his orders.
  • 38th parallel stalemate

    A stalemate at the 38th parallel happened.
  • Seol captured

    Seol captured
    China pushed the US troops out of the North and then captured Seol.
  • Seol recaptured

    The US troops took back Seol.
  • Armistice

    Both sides decided to sign an armistice ending the war.