• refuses to acknowledge an emperor in Japan

  • Japan FORCES Korea to sign the Kangwha treaty

    opening Korea to foreign trade
  • USA signs treaty of Friendship with Korea

    including unequal clauses; other western powers then followed
  • China and Japn sign the Lilto agreement

    blancing their influence in Korea
  • Sino-Japanese Wa begins

    between Jpanese and Chinese forces in Seoul
  • Sino-Japanese War ends

    China: gives up influence in Korea
    Korea's Queen Min assassinated by Japanese forces. The king flees to Russian (1 year)
  • Russo- Jpanese wr begins

    conflict over status of Russian forces in Manchuria and Korea
  • Russo- Japanese war ends

    Taft-Katsura secret agreement exchanges US recognition of Japan's sphere of interest in Korea for Japanese recognition of US sphere of interestin Philippines
    Korea was forced to sign a Treaty of Protectorate with Jpan
  • Korean delegation refused hearing on the Treaty

    Korea didn't have standing according to the international law the King Kojong abdicates; Korean army desbanded
  • Treaty of Annexation

    Korea became part of the Japanese Empire
    aggressive suppression of Korean nationalist movements
  • March 1st movement

    Korean protests refusal of Versailles conferenceto har self-determination request; thousands of Koreans were killed; tens of thousands imprisoned
    King Kojong dies.
  • agrecultural promto and cultural openness, educational expansion

  • WWII

    Korean slave laborers used heavily in Japanse industry; sexual slaves
  • Defeat of Japan

    Korea divided into US and USSR zones of occupation
  • North Korean forces invade South

  • South Korea signs mutual defense treaty with US