Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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In History
  • A Free Nation

    As World War I ends, the British are defeated by Afghan forces, becoming a free and independent nation. As the sovereign of Afghanistan, "Amir Amanullah Khan begins a rigorous campaign of socioeconomic reform."
  • British Withdrawal

    British Withdrawal
    The Hindi state of India, soon to be unoccupied by Britain, becomes a Islamic state of Pakistan and forms a "a long, largely uncontrollable, border with Afghanistan."
  • Amir's Birth

    Amir's Birth
    Amir is born during the summer of 1963, and turns "thirteen that summer of 1976"(93). His mother dies as she gives birth. Therefore, when Amir is born, there is a life lost.
  • Hassan's Birth

    Hassan's Birth
    Hassan is born "on a cold winter day in 1964" (6). Even when Amir's loses his mom, Hassan loses his too- but not by the same fate. Instead of death, his mother leaves within a week to join traveling dancers and singers.
  • Kite Runner Contest

    Kite Runner Contest
    On the day of the kite running contest, Hassan and Amir get ready excitingly. After many hours of cutting kites and sore necks, they finally won, with both of them "hopping up and down, both of [them] laughing and both of [them] weeping" (66). When they win, Amir receives Baba's approval. Hassan receives the joy of seeing Amir happy, but his day doesn't end as well.
  • US and Soviet Invaders

    US and Soviet Invaders
    When an American Ambassador is killed, the US stops supporting Afghanistan as a war between the Soviet Union and Afghan breaks out. Opposition to Soviet invaders starts a "[spawn of] violent public demonstrations."
  • Baba and Amir Leave

    Baba and Amir Leave
    When Russian Soviets invade Afghanistan, Baba and Amir leave, in which the "truck's engine had blown the week before and Toor was still waiting for parts" (100). Baba and Amir are now stuck in a moldy and filthy basement. When the truck parts don't come in time, they are forced to pass the border in a fuel truck.
  • Amir and Soraya Get Married

    Amir and Soraya Get Married
    After Amir meets Soraya at the flea market, he asks Baba to go to General Taheri and ask for Soraya's hand in marriage. This becomes his "last fatherly duty" (139). This is foreshadowing the death of Baba.
  • Baba's Death

    Baba's Death
    One night, Baba decides not to take his medicine, telling Soraya that there is "'no pain tonight'" (149). He never wakes up, and Amir starts planning his funeral. He hears of all the good things Baba has done for the community at the mosque.
  • The Taliban and al-Qaida

    After bin Laden creates the group al-Qaida, the Taliban is formed to create peace. Even though they survive on this promise, they "[enforce Islamic laws] via public executions and amputations." and "The United States refuses to recognize the authority of the Taliban."
  • Sohrab's Emergency

    Sohrab's Emergency
    After telling Sohrab he can't adopt him yet, Amir later on gets a call from Soraya, saying that there is another way to adopt him without leaving him in an orphanage for a while, and he goes into the bathroom to tell him until he realizes that Sohrab has tried to commit suicide, and he "[screams] until [he] thought [his] chest would rip and explode" (305). Amir has just seen Sohrab try to commit suicide. He rushes to call the ambulance and becomes very worried for him, unable to sleep at night.
  • Assef & Amir's Fight

    When Amir arrives in Pakistan, he is told to find Sohrab, Hassan's son. He ends up meeting up again with Assef, and Assef says that if he wants Sohrab, he needs to fight for him. As Amir is losing, Sohrab steps in and "had the slingshot pointed to Assef's face" (248). Sohrab stops Amir from almost dying. He ends up using the slingshot, and leaves with Amir.
  • World Trade Center Attack

    World Trade Center Attack
    On September 11, the World Trade Center was attacked by Middle Eastern hijackers taking control of a plane, which was then crashed into the building. As many as 2,977 people, plus the 19 hijackers, were killed, leaving 6,000 injured. Even though the hijackers were found dead, "U.S. officials say bin Laden, the Saudi exile believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, is the prime suspect in the attack."
  • End of Taliban Rule

    On December 7, Taliban leaders gave up their last territory- the province of Zabul- two days after "[abandoning] their final stronghold in Kandahar as the militia group’s hold on Afghanistan continues to disintegrate." The Pakistani- based Afghan Islamic press declares that the Taliban has finally lost their control of Afghanistan.
  • Sohrab Smiles

    Sohrab Smiles
    After a long time of being mute and secluding himself from being a part of Amir and Soraya's family, Sohrab joined Amir in kite running and"smiled. Lopsided. Hardly there. But there" (326). This shows a big improvement because Sohrab never showed emotion to anyone. He was so upset with Amir that he shut himself out.