Afghanistan 061

Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba Builds and Orphanage

    Baba built an orphanage and "had personally funded the entire project" (13). Baba was a very kind and caring man. He always looked for opportunities to help those in need.
  • Hassan is Born

    Hassan was born "in the winter of 1964, just one year after my mother died giving birth to me" (6). Hassan lives in a little shack with his father. They are servants to Baba and Amir.
  • Amir Plays a Trick on Hassan

    When Amir was reading to Hassan, he "pretended [he] was reading from the book...but [he] had abandoned the text all together, taken oover the story, and made up [his] own" (30). Hassan didn't take notice of this because he was illerterate. This shows how Amir takes advantage of his abilities in a bad way.
  • Baba's Gift to Hassan

    When Baba gave the gift of fixing the harelip on Hassan's face to him, Hassan's "hand touched his upper lip. 'Oh,' he said" (46). Hassan was uncertain and scared of having plastic surgery on his lip. He was hesitant, proving that he has a hard time with big surprises.
  • Amir Wins the Kite Fighting Competition

    In the winter of 1975, Amir won the kite fighting competition. He desperately wanted Baba's approval, and when he won, he saw "Baba on that roof, proud of [him] at last" (66). Amir didn't just win the competition, he won Baba's heart.
  • Hassan is Violated

    After Amir wins the competition, Hassan runs the last kite for him. Amir goes looking for Hassan and witnesses him being abused phyisically by Assef. It gets too much for him and he "bit on [his] fist. Shut [his] eyes" (73).
  • Ali and Hassan Leave

    After Amir's birthday, Ali says "We are leaving, Agha sahib'" (106). Baba is devastated. He moarns and rages for days after, showing how he loved them dearly.
  • Soviets Invade Afghanistan

    In 1979 "the first Soviet troops parachuted into assist Babrak Karmal" (New York Times, 2). B
  • Baba and Amir Go to America

    When Amir and Baba go to America, Baba is grumpy and upset. He "grumble[s]...under his breath" (111). Amir feels bad and wants to apologize. He then realizes that there is no point in doing so.
  • Amir Marries Soraya

    Soon after arriving in America, Amir meets a beautiful girl, Soraya, He falls in love with her and marries her. She then "dedicated herself to taking care of [Baba]" (172). This shows how she is a caring and loving person.
  • Baba Dies

    Just about on "month after the wedding...Baba never woke up" (173). When he died, many people mourned for him. He was a man to look up to, and people were depressed.
  • The Soviets Gain Strength

    The Soviets fought and lost many lives "while undermining the cherished image of an invincible Soviet Army" (New York Times, 2) because they wanted to come off as powerful to scare people.
  • Amir Finishes His First Novel

    Amir finishes his first book, "a father son story set in Kabul" (182), six months before the Soviets leave Afghanistan. His story is based on him and his father. This shows how he misses his father and writing is his way of mourning and coping.
  • Soviets Leave Afghan

    The Soviets eventually left "in what was in effect a unlateral withdrawal" (New York Times, 2) because they did not want to leave and put up a fight.
  • Power is Divided

    Afghan sperated, and "by the summer of 1994, power was anarchically divided among competing warlords and individual fiefdoms" (New York Times, 2).
  • Taliband Takes Control

    Because the people were doing whatever they felt like, "the Taliban...had taken control of Afghanistan, imposing strict enforcement of fundamentalist Islamic law" (New York Times, 3).
  • Osama bin Laden Arrives

    When "The Taliban...provided a haven for Mr. bin Laden...and for Al Qaeda" (New York Times, 3), people criticized the Taliband, which had little to no effect on them.
  • Hassan and His Wife Die

    Rahim explains how "the Taliban...massacred the Hazaras" (213). Amir is taken aback, and becomes upset. He doesn't want to believe Rahim, showing that he is a doubtful person.
  • Rahim Calls Amir

    Rahim calls Amir to ask him to return to Afghanistan. He remembers Rahim's words, "A way to be good again'" (192) and focuses on them. He doesn't know what he's in for when he leaves.
  • Amir Fights Assef

    When Amir goes to get Sohrab, he realizes that Assef is the one who has him. They gt into a fight, where evetnually Sohrab takes out Assef. Amir says, "It was about then that I passed pout" (292). The fact that Amir went to drastic measures to save Sohrab shows how he really wanted to atone for what he did to Hassan.
  • Hamid Karzai Becomes President

    The unlucky "Hamid Karzai... hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan and win the country much-needed international aid" (New York Times, 3). Little did he know that he was headed for a world of hate.
  • Hamid Karzai is Elected to a 5-Year Term

    When "Mr. Karzai was elected to a five-year term" (New York Times, 3), he was not expecting the Afghan population to blame him for the economic failure.
  • Amir takes Sohrab to America

    Towards the end, "Sohrab never accepted" (356), but he had to. He came to America with Amir and was adopted by Soraya and him. They tried hard to please Sohrab, but he was stubborn and depressed. Eventually, Amir wins him over with kite flying, and their live begins.
  • Obama's Plan

    In his speech at West Point "Obama vowed to start bringing American forces home from Afghanistan in...2011" (New York Times, 4) because the government couldn't afford is and shouldn't have to help out with something that they did not fully commit to.
  • The Administration Changes the Plan

    The people were angered that "the Obama administration changed its tone to increasingly emphasize...that the United States will have forces in the country until at least the end of 2014" (New York Times, 4).