Kite Runner & The History Of Afghanistan

  • Amir overhears Baba speaking about him

    In Chapter 3, Amir hears Baba speaking about him. He says, "If I hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I wouldnt belive he's my son" (22). This is an important part in many ways. It is important becasue Amir belives that he doesn't have the acceptance of his father, and also it somewhat hurts Amir's feelings. which makes him want Baba's approval even more.
  • Amir Gets A Note From Rahim Khan

    In Chapter Four, Amir recieves a note from Rahim Khan, saying, "Amir Jan, i enjoyed your story very much. Mashallah. God has granted you a special talent" (32). This is important, because ultimately, Amir becomes a writer, and remembers this note. Also, it is the first time someone read his story.
  • Hassan Is Attacked By Assef

    In Chapter 7, Hassan is attacked by Assef. Amir recalls the event by saying, "He positioned himself behind Hassan. Hassan didn't struggle. Didn't even whimper" (75). This is a turning point in the story. This is when the friendship between Amir and Hassan change forever.
  • Amir Wins The Kite Contest

    In Chapter 7, Amir wins the kite running contest.The book reads, "And then...I didn't need to hear the crowd's roar to know" (66). This quote is an important event becasue this is when Amir feels he has won his father's acceptance. This is also important because this is right before Hassan gets attacked.
  • Hassan And Ali Leave

    In Chapter 9, Hassan and Ali leave. the book reads. "We are leaving, Agha Sahib." (106). This is important because they have been with Amir and Baba so long, and now they are leaving. Also, without knowing, this is the last time Amir will see Hassan.
  • Soviet Union Invasion

    The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, as stated in an article by the New York Times. The article reads, "Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has known little peace since 1979, when the Soviet Union invaded" (1).
  • Baba and Amir arrive in the US

    Amir and Baba move to Amerca in Chapter 11, to California. The book reads, "Baba loved the idea of America. It was living in America that gave him an ulcer" (124). This is important because it is like Amir and Baba are starting over. They now have a new life in America together.
  • Amir Meets Soraya

    Amir meets his future wife, Soraya, at the swap meets, in chapter 11. He says "My heart stuttered at the thought of her. Soraya Taheri, my swap meet princess" (142). This is important because Soraya is his future wife. This is also important because also at the swap meets, Baba and Amir bond.
  • Escape From Kabul

    In Chapter 10, Amir and Baba leave their home. Amir says. "My inards had been rolling since we left Kabul jsut after two in the morning" (110). This is a turning point for Amir and Baba. They are finally leaving Kabul, for a better life in the US.
  • Amir and Soraya get married

    In Chapter 13, Amir and Soraya get married. Amir says "We said our oaths. Signed our certificates" (170). This shows the mew bond between them. Amir and Soraya are now happily married, which is an important event in Amir's life.
  • Baba Dies

    In Chapter 13, Baba dies of cancer. The book reads, "We closed the door. Baba never woke up" (173). This is an important event to Amir because he is losing a father. Since Baba meant so much to Amir, this is one of the hardest moments for Amir to swallow.
  • Soviet Air Force Rendered Useless

    The article reads "After 1986, the Soviet Air Force was also rendered largely useless..." (2),
  • Soviets Leave Afghanistan

    The internet article says, "Eventually, after peace talks moderated by the United Nations, the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan in February 1989..." (2).
  • Pakistani Intel Officers Begin Funneling Arms, Etc.

    The article states, "As early as 1994, Pakistani intelligence officers began funneling arms, money, and supplies..." (3).
  • Mullah Omar has 12,000 Followers

    The article states, "By the end of 1994 Mullah Omar had nearly 12,000 followers and was rolling up the warlords to the north and east." (2).
  • US Invasion On Al Qaeda

    The article reads, "The 2001 invasion succeeded in dislodging Al Qaeda and removing the Taliban from power, but not in eradicating either group" (1).
  • Amir Arrives In Pakistan

    In Chapter 15, Amir arrives in Pakistan. He says "Three hours after my flight landed in Peshawar, I was sitting on shredded upholstery in the back of a smoke-filled taxicab" (195). This is an important event because this is when Amir goes to visit Rahim Khan. This is also important becsue this is the fist step to saving Sohrab, Hassan's son.
  • Amir talks to Rahim

    In Chapter 16, Amir sees Rahim Khan again. Rahim Khan says, "I want to tell you everything. You will listen?" (202). This is important because this is when Amir finds out about his life. He finds that Hassan is his half-brother.
  • Amir finds out Hassan is his half-brother

    In Chapter 17, Amir finds out that Hassan is his half brother. Rahim Khan tells him, "She left him childless after three years and married a man in Khost. She bore him three daughters. That is what I am trying to tell you." This is importatn becasue Amir fnally realizes what has been going on. He realizes why Baba didn't want new servants, and why he was so sad when Ali and Hassan left. Because Hassan is his brother, and Baba's son.
  • Amir Saves Sohrab

    In Chapter 21, Amir fights Assef and saves Sohrab, and vice versa. amir fought him, but Sohrab shot him to live. Sohrab said "Bia,let's go!" (291). This is a turning point because finally Sohran is safe and sound with Amir. This also lifts a burden off of Amir's shoulders now that he saved Hassan's son.
  • 9/11 Attacks

    The New York Times article says, "The United States has been militarily involved in Afghanistan since 2001, when it led an invasion after the Sep. 11 attacks by Al Qaeda" (1).
  • Karzai Named Chairman

    The article states, 'Hamid Karzai, a supporter and relative of Mohammed Zahair Shah, the exiled former kings of Afghanistan, was named chairman of an interim government..." (3).
  • Amir Runs The Kite For Sohrab

    In Chapter 25, Amir runs a kite for Sohrab in a small kite running tournament, just like Hassan did for him. He said, "Do you want me to run that kite for you?" (371). This is important in many ways. Amir and Sohrab have finally bonded, and Amir has felt he made up for what he let happen to Hassan.
  • Petraeus Assigned to Command US Forces

    The article states "[Obama] put Gen. David H. Petraeus, the architect of the 2007 "surge" in Iraq, in command of American forces in Afghanistan..." (1).
  • Obama Gives Speech Regarding Deploying Troops

    The article states, "In a speech delivered Dec. 1, 2009, at West Point, Mr. Obama announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops" (4).