Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • British in the wake of World War I

    The British, beleaguered in the wake of World War I, are defeated in the Third British-Afghan War (1919-21), and Afghanistan becomes an independent nation.
  • Zahir Shah becomes King

    Zahir Shah becomes King
    Zahir Shah becomes king. The new king brings a semblance of stability to the country and he rules for the next 40 years.
  • Britain withdraws from India

    Britain withdraws from India
    Britain withdraws from India, creating the predominantly Hindu but secular state of India and the Islamic state of Pakistan. The nation of Pakistan includes a long, largely uncontrollable, border with Afghanistan.
  • Soviet Premier and Afghanistan becomes allies

    Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev agrees to help Afghanistan, and the two countries become close allies.
  • Woman''s New Privilege

    As part of Daoud’s reforms, women are allowed to attend university and enter the workforce.
  • The Orphange

    The Orphange
    In the late 1960's Baba decided to build an orphanage, "Baba had drew the blueprints himself despite the fact that he'd had no architectural experience at all."(pg.13) This quote is interesting because it shows how much effort Baba put in to and how important it is to him.
  • Hassan was Born

    Hassan was Born
    In 1964, Hassan was born in the little shack in winter season." Just one year after my mother died giving birth to me"(pg.6) and this is important because it shows a relationship between Hassan and Amir and it also shows how Hassan was born.
  • Khan overthrows last King

    Khan overthrows last King
    Khan overthrows the last king, Mohammed Zahir Shah, in a military coup. Khan’s regime, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, comes to power. Khan abolishes the monarchy and names himself president. The Republic of Afghanistan is established with firm ties to the USSR.
  • Shooting

    At that day, people started shooting ducks but at that night (we) noticed "they weren't shooting ducks after all."(pg.36) But the good thing is they did not harm anyone and this is one event in 1973, it also tells something is happening as the book goes on.
  • A Special Birthday Present For Hassan

    A Special Birthday Present For Hassan
    It was Hassan's birthday and Baba decided to give Hassan something special, "(my) job is to fix things on people's bodies. Sometimes their faces."(pg.45) What Baba gave Hassan a chance on fixing the cleft lip on his face and this shoes Baba are treated equally to Amir and Hassan.
  • Hassan runs the kite for the last time

    Hassan runs the kite for the last time
    In the winter of 1975 it is when Amir saw" Hassan run the kite for the last time"(pg.55) This event shows something big will happen later on.
  • Amir turned Thirteen

    Amir turned Thirteen
    Amir turned thirteen and Baba celebrated his birthday with a huge birthday party, saying, "invite the whole world or it's not a party."(pg.93) also celebrating he won the Kite racing with Hassan.
  • Hassan Leaving

    Hassan Leaving
    During 1976 Hassan and Ali is leaving to Hazarajat where there cousins our because Hassan got raped and Amir saw it and didn't do anything so they are leaving. Before they'd made this decision"They both cried."(pg.105) This shows how much they love the orphanage and their life their.
  • Give Woman Rights & Jobs

    Give Woman Rights & Jobs
    Khan proposes a new constitution that grants women rights and works to modernize the largely communist state. He also cracks down on opponents, forcing many suspected of not supporting Khan out of the government.
  • Adolph Dubs is killed

    Adolph Dubs is killed
    American Ambassador Adolph Dubs is killed. The United States cuts off assistance to Afghanistan. A power struggle between Taraki and Deputy Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin begins. Taraki is killed on Sept. 14 in a confrontation with Amin supporters.
    The USSR invades Afghanistan on Dec. 24 to bolster the faltering communist regime. On Dec. 27, Amin and many of his followers are executed. Deputy Prime Minister Babrak Karmal becomes prime minister.
  • There Life In America

    There Life In America
    During 1980's Amir and Baba is living in America but Baba had a hard time adjusting because he did not have any power and has his own point of view about it. When Baba went to the store and want to give him a check because he did not bring any cash, Mr.Nguyen asked for his ID card, Baba said, "He wants to see my licence and Amir said it is not personal."(pg.127) This is one example of Baba not used to America's life.
  • Amir and Baba went to America

    Amir and Baba went to America
    In 1981 they were heading to America to escape the war but Amir got carsick multiple times during that trip. But there was also a lot of struggles and at the end of the trip Kamal's father yelling, "My boy! He won't breathe! Allah, help him breathe!"(pg.124) But Kamal's lifeless body laying in his father's killed himself because Kamal is not breathing.
  • Amir Graduated From High school

    Amir Graduated From High school
    During the summer of 1983 Amir graduated high school at the age of twenty and the "oldest senior on the football field.":(pg.131) This is the year Amir finally graduated and thinking what should he do next.
  • Human Rights Violations

    Although he claims to have traveled to Afghanistan immediately after the Soviet invasion, Saudi Islamist Osama bin Laden makes his first documented trip to Afghanistan to aid anti-Soviet fighters.
    The United Nations investigates reported human rights violations in Afghanistan.
  • Going to the Garage Sale

    Going to the Garage Sale
    During this period of time, "Baba bought a $550 bus from an old Afghan acquaintance who'd been a science teacher in Kabul."(pg.137) So they can buy things in the garage sale and put the things in the bus.
  • First Time Meeting Soraya

    First Time Meeting Soraya
    This year is also the first time Soraya and Amir met. When Amir first saw Soraya with"an open thermos and Styrofoam cup in her hand. I blinked, my heart quickening."(pg.140) it was in the bus and the first eye Amir saw her he fell in love.
  • Baba having Cancer

    Baba having Cancer
    During this year because baba has cancer but did not get cure so one day, "Baba's hands and legs were jerking and had white foam coming out of his mouth." This shows Baba cannot wait longer and needed to get cure.
  • Amir asking the General for his Daughter's hand

    Amir asking the General for his Daughter's hand
    When Baba have cancer Amir decide to ask the general for his daughter's hand so Baba can see their wedding if he says yes, and finally in the phone Baba said, "The general accepted."(pg.163)
  • Baba Died

    Baba Died
    In this year 1985 Baba has cancer and a month after Amir's wedding Amir and Soraya helped Baba on bed and Baba said, "There is no pain tonight."(pg.173)Baba never woke up but he was happy he did not miss Amir's wedding.
  • Mujaheddin

    The Mujaheddin are receiving arms from the United States, Britain and China via Pakistan.