Keystone XL Pipeline

Timeline created by juancaromo99
  • First Keystone Pipeline is drawn.

    The first route of the pipeline is drawn to go through the Wellhead Protection Area.
  • Keystone in progress.

    The Seward County League of Women Voters holds two town forums:
    1. Eminent Domain & Environmental Impact of a Pipeline.
    2. Pipeline safety with presentations by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, TransCanada, the National Pipeline Safety Trust & the U.S. Department of Transporation Office of Pipeline Safety.
  • Final Environmental Impact study.

    The U.S. Department of State releases its final environmental impact study on the Keystone Pipeline.
  • Special Legislative Session.

    Legislative Bill one, the Major Oil Pipeline Siting Act is passed during a special legislative session.
  • Pipeline Safety Trust Conference

    Jon and Bonnie Kruse are invited to serve on a Landowners Panel at the Pipeline Safety Trust Conference.
  • Keystone Pipeline lives again!

    The application is available to the public with maps for the preferred route and two alternate routes.
  • Public Service Commission

    The Public Service Commission holds listening on the Keystone XL Pipeline that are open to the public and accessible online.
  • Study's

    The Seward County League of Women Voters say yes to a study of bit water in Nebraska.
  • Keystone Pipeline approved

    Public Service Commission says to the Keystone Mainline Alternative Route. And TransCanada will not distract.