Keystone XL Pipeline

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  • First Keystone Pipeline route

    First Keystone Pipeline route
    The first rout of the Keystone pipeline is to enter Seward County, crossing the Wellhead Protection Area.
  • The Seward County League of Women

    The Seward County League of Women
    The Seward County League of Women Voters holds two town forums: the first on eminent domain and environmental impact of a pipeline; the second on pipeline safety with presentations by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, TransCanada, the National Pipeline Safety Trust, J.
  • Plans for expansion

    Plans for expansion
    TransCanada announces plans to expand its existing 590,000 bpd Keystone oil pipeline system to the Gulf Coast, according to Reuters
  • Visiting landowners

    Visiting landowners
    TransCanada starts visiting landowners that might be affected by the pipeline project. Opposition to the project emerges in Nebraska.
  • The National Energy Board approves

    The National Energy Board approves
    National Energy Board approves TransCanada’s application for Keystone XL, it comes with 22 conditions according safety, environmental protection and the landowner rights.
  • Delay

    The State Department that there will be a delay according to the project.
  • Protest

    Citizens affected by the pipeline protested for two-weeks because of civil disobedience out side the White House agains the Keystone XL. Police arrested approximately a thousand people.
  • TransCanada must reroute

     TransCanada must reroute
    TransCanada must reroute Keystone XL to avoid an ecologically sensitive region of Nebraska.
  • Major Oil Spill in south Dakota

    Major Oil Spill in south Dakota
    14,000 gallons spilled after a valve failed at a pumping station near the South Dakota border.
  • Obama Rejects new route

    Obama Rejects new route
    Obama rejects Keystone XL, not leave enough time to review the new route. They must sumbit another application
  • Lawsuit Against Nebraska

    Lawsuit Against Nebraska
    Pipeline opponents create a lawsuit against the Nebraska government sayin that the state law used to review the new route is unconstitutional, it doesn't allow for judicial review what criteria should be considered when evaluating a pipeline project.
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

    Fewer greenhouse gas emissions
    The State Department says that Keystone XL would produce less greenhouse gas emissions than transporting oil to the Gulf of Mexico by rail.
  • Economic Increment

    Economic Increment
    The costs of Keystone XL have grown from US$5.4 billion to US$8 billion.
  • Obama Approves

    Obama Approves
    Obama approved the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
  • Effects Caused by Keystone XL

    Effects Caused by Keystone XL
    Recent climate change policy announcements by the Alberta and federal governments in its review of Keystone XL.
  • Rejection

    President Barack Obama rejected TransCanada's application to build the Keystone XL Pipeline according to the damages.
  • Spill Report

    Spill Report
    TransCanada shut down a portion of the Keystone XL Pipeline, they reported a spill of about 187 gallons of crude oil near the Freeman pump station in Hutchinson County,
  • Restart

    TransCanada restarted the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Final Approval by Trump

    Final Approval by Trump
    President Donald Trump takes action to accept the final approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.