Key Points in American Veganism

By kjeyers
  • American Vegan Society founded by Jay Dinshah

  • Period: to

    AHISMA Magazine is published by the American Vegan Society

  • American Vegan Society conducts a coast to coast vegan crusade across the U.S. and into Canada.

  • North Atlantic Vegan Lecture Tour

  • Round the World Vegan Lecture Tour

  • Gentle World founded

  • PETA is founded by Ingrid Newkirk

  • "Animal Factories", by Peter Singer and Jim Mason, is published.

  • First American Vegan Cookbook: "The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals". Published by Gentle World

  • "Diet for a New America", by John Robbins, is published.

  • Animal Liberation Action is founded

  • Vegan Action is founded by students at the University of California at Berkeley

  • Compassion Over Killing founded by Paul Shapiro.

  • Animal Liberation Action turns into Vegan Outreach

  • Compassionate Action for Animals founded

  • First open animal rescues from factory farms are carried out by Compassion Over Killing and Compassionate Action for Animals

  • Period: to

    American Vegan Magazine is published quarterly by the American Vegan Society