Key Moments in Cyberpunk History

  • "Cybernetics" is Introduced

    "Cybernetics" is Introduced
    The term is introduced by Norbert Wiener
  • The term "Cyborg" is Introduced

    The term "Cyborg" is Introduced
    Introduced by Manfred Clynes
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is Published

    Do Androids  Dream of Electric Sheep is Published
    A novel by Philip K. Dick - early creator of the genre
  • The Ramones release first album

    The Ramones release first album
    Punk era begins
  • Blade Runner released

    Blade Runner released
    Ridley Scott's 1982 movie is released. The first movie of the Cyberpunk genre.
  • "Cyberpunk" term is first Introduced

    "Cyberpunk" term is first Introduced
    The term 'Cyberpunk' was first used in Bruce Bethke's short story named 'Cyberpunk'. The word 'Cyber' originated from cybernetics, and word 'punk' derived from Punk-Rock music.
  • "Neuromancer"

    The publishment of 'Neuromancer' by William Gibson caught the media's attention, thus allowing the term 'Cyberpunk' to begin the transformation from a movement into a genre.
  • Terminator is released

    Terminator is released
    The box office smash is released.
  • Robocop Released

    Robocop Released
    José Padilha sci-fi action is released
  • Terminator 2 released

    Terminator 2 released
    The squeal to the box office smash
  • "Snowcrash" novel is released

    "Snowcrash" novel is released
    Neal Stephenson's release of 'Snowcrash' altered the genre 'Cyberpunk' positivey. The novel did not follow the newly familiar Cyberpunk cliche', thus attracting Sci-Fi audiences futher.
  • Time Magazine "Cyberpunk" cover story

    Time Magazine "Cyberpunk" cover story
    "Cyberpunk" fans outraged they were targeted through the magazine. The genres first real mainstream media exposure. "With virtual sex, smart drugs and synthetic rock 'n' roll, a new $ counterculture is surfing on the dark edges of the computer age" (Elmer-Dewitt, 1993).
  • "Hackers" movie released

    "Hackers" movie released
    Although not a huge box office success, the movie exposed and made hacking significant to the public.
  • The Matrix is released

    The Matrix is released
    With the release of 'The Matrix' Cyberpunk became increasingly to those who knew of it previously and to a new generation. It allowed new types of genre followers and the recognition that it use to maintain in the 1980's.