The Cyberpunk Evolution

  • Early Use of the Word Punk

    Early Use of the Word Punk
    Early use of the word 'Punk' to signify a criminal. Oxford Dictionary states that a punk can be defined as a "criminal or a thug"
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  • Isaac Asimov's 'Robot' Series Introduced

    Isaac Asimov published a series of short stories during the 1940's to 1950's, unveiling the complicated aspect of artificial intelligence. Although this series wasn't included in the genre of Cyberpunk, the series shows strong relations to it. Here is a link to another timeline of the 'Robot' series.
  • Cybernetics

    The word 'Cybernetics' was introduced by Norbert Wiener. 'Cybernetics' can be defined as is a science studying control and communication in the animal and the machine.
  • The Word 'Cyborg' is Introduced

    The Word 'Cyborg' is Introduced
    A 'Cyborg' is a science-fictional shorting of "cybernetic organism".The idea is that, in the near future, we may have more and more artificial body parts - arms, legs, hearts, eyes - and digital computing and communication additions.
  • The Blade Runner Film Released

    The Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott, captures the unique genre of Cyber Punk. Although Ridley Scott created this film to represent the genre perfectly, this film did not give the Cyber Punk genre the recognition is has in todays age. Below a IMDb synopsis and the Blade Runner YouTube trailer are listed.
  • Burning Chrome Released

    Burning Chrome Released
    In July of 1984, William Gibson released his short story novel of 'Burning Chrome'. Since its release 'Burning Chrome' is crowned the novel that defined the Cyberpunk genre. The book takes readers through a dystopia styled world where man meets technology. As proclaimed by the, The Guardian, William Gibson is referred to as 'the man who saw tomorrow.' Read more about this article here:
  • The Film 'Robocop' Was Released

    The Film 'Robocop' Was Released
    Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the 1987 film captured the grim appearance of the Cyberpunk genre and the apprehension between man and machine perfectly. 'Robocop' was one of the first Hollywood movies to capture the essence of the Cyberpunk genre and release it for all to understand.
  • Hollywood Accepted Cyberpunk

    In the late 1995, the Hollywood film and production companies began to understand the Cyberpunk genre and understood that there was a niche target market that was waiting for movies of this style. So the Hollywood companies began to release films such as Hackers (1995), The Net (1995) and Virtuosity (1995). This is when the wider public became aware of the grim genre and showed interest in it all.