Cyberpunk   the future is now by m0lybdenum

Brief History of Cyberpunk

  • Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

    Ridley Scott's Blade Runner
    1982 saw the emergence of Ridley Scott’s, Blade Runner which was adopted from Phillip K, Dicks novel, ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep”. Blade Runner was the first truly ‘Cyperpunk’ film as it encaptulated the quintessence of the cyperpunk aesthetic. Pivato, M 2000, A very short history of Cyperpunk, viewed June 2012
  • The term 'Cyberpunk' emerged

    The term 'Cyberpunk' emerged
    The term ‘Cyberpunk’ developed in the late 20th century as a reaction against "space operas" such as Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy and George Lucas's Star Wars. 
The actual word Cyberpunk is pieced together from the word CYBERNETICS, which is the science of communication control theory and the word PUNK which describes an antisocial rebel or hoodlum.
  • Neauromancer

    William Gibson’s 1984 novel, Nueomancer combines hard science and a well developed sensibility to encapsulate the true characteristics of the cyberpunk genre. This freshly imagined and complengly divilered novel recieved high ratings as it ‘captured the Zeitgeist of anxiety and wonder that prevailed at the dawning of the globalized economics, digital telecommunication and exponential technological process’ (Pivato 2000). Pivato, M 2000, A very short history of Cyberpunk, viewed June 2012
  • Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash

    Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash
    Snow crash is Neal Stephenson’s breakthrough cyberpunk novel that been described as a book that redefines the way we look at the world. The novel’s plot is a bizarre and somewhat humorous portrayal of the future, which involves untoward happenings such as the mafia controlling pizza deliveries. , Snow crash is a compilation of virtual reality, Sumerian myth and everything in between. Youngquist, P. 2012, Cyberpunk, War, and Money: Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. Contemporary Literature
  • Wachowski brother's The Matrix

    Wachowski brother's The Matrix
    Created by the twisted minds of the Wachowski brother, Larry and Andy, The Matric was a triumph for the cyberpunk genre. The Matrix rolled $464 million worldwide and became the best selling DVD of the 90's. Vary, A.B. 2011, 'The Matrix': A Groundbreaking Cyberthriller, New York, United States, New York.