5 Key moments in the History of Cyberpunk

By J10914
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    Cyberpunk's Prime Moment in Development

  • The Term 'Cyberpunk' Was First Used

    The word 'cyberpunk' first appeared as the title of a short story "Cyberpunk" by Bruce Bethke,This work was published in the 1983 editoin of "AMAZING" science fiction stories magazine volume 57, number 4
  • Neuromancer Published

    Neuromancer Published
    William Gibson's novel "Neuromancer" was first published and his work won him a Tripple Crown - The Nebula Award and a multitude of other awards. The story is about a man punished for theft by disabling the artifical intelligence inside him and the job he takes on as a hacker to earn a cure for it.
  • Count Zero Publihed

    Count Zero Publihed
    The sequel to "Neuromancer" is finally published and taking the Cyberpunk concept by storm. A few short years after the event of Neuromancer, two multinational companies fight for control over a "Bio-Chip", A powerful new technology that could change the world depedning on whose hands it landed in.
  • Mona Lisa Overdrive Published

    Mona Lisa Overdrive Published
    The third and final chapter to the muilt award winning Sprawl Trillogy hits the markets and becomes a blockbuster. The "Cyberpunk" world is yet again changed and reaches the biggest peak in popularity so far.
  • The Matrix is released

    The Matrix is released
    With the release of the "Matrix" in 1999. Cyberpunk became the mot popular selling DVD of the year and continues as one of the most saught after science fiction sub genres for it creativity and relativity