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History of Cyberpunk

By rlstc
  • Use of the word "punk"

    Use of the word "punk"
    The word "punk" has been in the English language for hundreds of years but used to describe different things. Between the two World Wars it, as we know it today, was used to describe a small-time criminal or hoodlum.
  • Period: to

    The History of Cyberpunk

  • The Naked Lunch

    The Naked Lunch
    William S. Burroughs worte The Naked Lunch over the next four years. It wasn't published until 1959 and not without drama. It's not considered as science fiction but it does predict AIDS, liposuction and the crack epidemic. William S. Burroughs is seen as the forerunner of Cyberpunk. The grandfather, if you will, of Cyberpunk.
  • Punk Begins

    Punk Begins
    Punk music begins with the release of The Ramones first album Ramones. Bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols and Television followed.
  • Cyberpunk

    Bruce Bethke first coined the term Cyberpunk in his short story of the same name. He proposed it as a label for a new generation of punk teenagers inspired by the perceptions inherent to the Information Age.
  • Web of Angels published

    Web of Angels published
    John M. Ford's novel Web of Angels was one of the first to depict cyberspace
  • Blade Runner released

    Blade Runner released
    Ridley Scott's film Blade Runner was released. It's recognised as a Cyberpunk genre film
  • Neuromancer

    William Gibson published his novel Neuromancer in this year. This is the most famous novel connected with the term Cyberpunk.