William gibson

A History of Cyber Punk

By harryds
  • Cybepunk First appears on the Silver Screen

    Cybepunk First appears on the Silver Screen
    One of the earliest appearence of Cyberpunk as a genre in mainrstream cinema is Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner'. 'Blade Runner' is a screen adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'; this adaptation led the way for many other cyberpunk imaginings to find their place on the big screen although Cyberpunk once not yet popularised.
  • 'Nueromancer' Is First Published

    'Nueromancer' Is First Published
    'Nueromancer' is the first novel published by acclaimed science ficition author William Gibson. 'Nueromancer' is the first book in the 'Sprawl' series which was graced wih great sucess. the sucess of this trilogy led Gibson to write several other trilogys in the Cyberpunk genre, all to great sucess. 'Nueromancer' is the widely accepted by the science fiction community as the first piece of Cyberpunk lierature.
  • 'System Shock' Introduces Cyberpunk to Gamers

    'System Shock' Introduces Cyberpunk to Gamers
    Developed by Looking Glass Technologies and published Origin Systems. Drawing its story greatly from Cyberpunk conventions 'System Shock' places the gamer as an antihero protagonist who must use his talents as a Hacker to defeat the evil artificial inteligence SHODAN. 'System Shock' was met with great critical acclaim for its innovations to the gaming and to te sci-fi genre aswell as giving Cyberpunk a strong foot hold amoungst video gamers for many years.
  • Cyberpunk Grows into the mainstream with 'Johnny Mnemonic'

    Cyberpunk Grows into the mainstream with 'Johnny Mnemonic'
    'Johnny Mnemonic ' was written by William Gibson, directed by Robert Longo and stared Keanu Reeves and Henry Rollins. 'Johnny Mnemonic' the first larger scale movie thats keeps true to the Cyberpunk formula and better to head up the story than Cyberpunk poster child William GIbson. This film is an important point in Cyber punk history as it shows the growth of Cyberpunk as the genre itself gains mainstream acceptance and has began to expand further into other mediums of story telling.
  • Cyberpunk reaches new shores

    Cyberpunk reaches new shores
    Cyberpunk as genre at this time has been met with such open amrs that it begins to be adopted in by other cultures in their manner of story telling. 'Ghost in a Shell' is set against Tokyo 2099 and follows the story of two cyborg polce officers track down an at large hacker-terorist known only as 'Puppet Master'. This is a great step for the genre as it shows just how far the people creating and the types of content being created have grown over the short amount of time the genre have been aroun